Friday, 30 April 2010

We shall soon have a winner

Good afternoon, dear friends,
I hope you are all doing well.
Do you feel Spring in the air?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I think my feelings about this Spring will be better when the shop will be fully redecorated, and that will be by the middle of May. I so much look forward to it. Hint: the decoration as such will be based on hand made flowers and it will be quite romantic!

It is April 30, today,which means time is running out for the Spring giveaway. You may still add your name here.

Talk to you tomorrow with our winner!
love, Irene

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

New from Designers Guild

I look forward to receiving the new Pavilion collection in store! I love the combination of beige/yellow/black-in that order of proportion.

love, Irene

Monday, 26 April 2010


This cheerful lot of hand-iced biscuits comes from Biscuiteers, in London, UK. The Chief Biscuiteers are Stevie Congdon and Harriet Hastings who are also co-directors of leading London catering company Lettice. They also take bespoke orders for weddings, brand launches and parties.You just choose the biscuit collection you want to send, fill in the message details and then leave the rest to them.If they are as tasty as they look cute!..But would you really eat them?  After a series of long afternoon teas, there is still the tin be refilled!

love, Irene

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Vacation in Greece

Welcome to the Happy Turtle!

So glad you are joining us on our croisiere around our beautiful Globe. This is such a great idea and I am thrilled to be joining Designing DNA for the vacation.

And welcome to Greece, the Eastern frontier of Europe.

Breathe in the fresh air as we drive through the beautiful countryside.

 Let yourselves appreciate the sparkling blue of the waters.

Pick your hotel room. They have all been furnished with matresses, bed linen and furniture from the company my husband and myself work for. So rest assured that you will enjoy your rest.


There. Take a moment to relax, pampering yourdelves with naural Greek cosmetics and make up.


Now that you are all ready, would you like a light vegetable lunch?

Green beans in tomato sauce

Ready? Let's pop outside. It's Spring in this part of the world. The weather is mild and the air fragrant.

There are some great spots you may want to visit. The Acropolis is a unique historican and spiritual place to visit, and the exhibits at the new Acropolis Musum are just amazing.

There is currently an exhibition at the National Gallery with architectural plans by Ernst Ziller who graced many Greek cities with his neoclassical buildings.

In my favorite Museum there is currently an exhibition on clothes across time. "To dress", at the Benaki Museum.

Would you like to go souvenit shopping, now? I think I have just the thing for you.

I suggest some special souvenirs, like these stylish column shaped weights, and this granny-chic i-pod case.
 Perhaps you would also like a serious girly treat for yourselves or a friend.

Vassili Zoulias

Lito~Cabinet de Curiosites

Tea or coffee? Sit back and watch the world go round.

As we people watch, shall we leaf through the 10th anniversary issue of Vogue-Hellas?

 These are some lovely Greek homes from its sister publication, House and Garden.

Our company was also featured in House and Garden Greece.

 It's getting late. Shall we walk some more before dinner?

 Look, here sings one of my favorite singers.Come on in.

There is so much more I want to show you. I hope you'll visit again soon. Meanwhile click here to join my Spring giveaway. 
And while we set sail for the next stop of the cruise, let's dance to something more familiar, accompanied with great 'vintage' views of Athens.

See you soon!
love, Irene

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Are you coming?


Buy at

love, Irene

Thursday, 22 April 2010

New and exciting Atlanta Bartlett

Her mother is one of my style gurus. The daughter is the High Priestess of All White. The author of wonderful books that defined the trends: The Relaxed Home,At Home With White and Easy Elegance: Creating a Relaxed, Comfortable and Stylish Home.

Atlanta Bartlett's new brain child is Pale and Interesting which in a rather prosaic way, perfectly describes Atlanta Bartlett's lifestyle choices.

Pale and Interesting is a life-style shopping experience that brings to your own home everything that you have ever drooled over in Ms.Bartlett's books. Inside the site you will find furniture, accessories, jewellery and books all chosen or designed by Atlanta and housband Dave, inspired by their love of the functional, beautiful and out-of-the-ordinary.

There is also LookBook, Pale and Interesting’s own mini magazine, full of gorgeous photography and hints and tips about how to make this look work for you at home.

And now, if you'd excuse me, I am going to leaf through her books once again, and maybe post about my favorite rooms. Do you have a favorite picture that you secretely look at and daydream about? Tell! Tell!

love, Irene

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