Friday, 26 November 2010

Book Review-Kirstie Allsopp's Homemade Home

Hello dear friends,
Today I am going to show you the little treasure that graces my night table.

It is full of beautiful pictures

it is encouraging for your mood, 

and there is something for everyone in its pages.

From crochet... how to make arag rug...

...and how to decorate a cake with beauty and panache.

You are going to love it!

Ask Santa for Kirstie's Homemade Home. I believe he'll approve!

love, Irene

Current dreamroom-Allan Shope bedroom

This is a bedroom designed by American architect Allan Shope. I found out about him via Architectural Digest. This is actually a photo from the September 2010 issue.
The house is situated in Amenia, in the Hudson Valey, NY.

Shope is best known for his architecture based on the principles of sustainable living. He actually lives with these principles in his large farm.

What draws me to this room is its clarity. Its warmth. The quiet luxury of natural materials

In situ harvested black cherry clads the walls and ceiling of his master bedroom and is the source of its built-in furniture. As throughout the house, Shope avoided applying stains or paints. An old Kazak rug covers the bed. Audubon prints hang prominently, endearing the natural world to the room's occupants.

::
{ Allan Shope website~Architectural Digest house tour}

love, Irene

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Chalet made by IKEA

Wooden homes have been gaining friends in Greece over the past 30 years. I remember very vividly a countryside home where we were guests when I was a child. It looked like out of a fairy tale to me.

In recent years, wooden home builders experience a renewal in styles and popularity, although I doubt they will ever outdo conventional buildings. I for one have many doubts about the materials they use to fireproof and guard the wood.

However, the appeal of a wooden home remains undiminished in my list of mountain retreats.

The house I am posting about today is situated on mount Parnassus, central Greece.
It was furnished from head to toes with IKEA products. What I like best is the use of traditional elements such as the rugs with modern furniture as in the kitchen. I like the result: light, airy and easy to live in and take care of.

I like the open, well organized entrance.
I absolutely love this rug and the cozy use of this otherwise dead space
A little too minimal for me, yet relaxing, and I am sure it gets more alive when  people move in!

The kitchen is a big success. The transparent chairs help the eye focus on the stunning red cupboards.

Hey, we have the same closet!

Love the kids' space: cheerful and grown up.
(All images: Vima Deco)

love, Irene

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Athenian elegance by John Stefanidis

The athenian pied-a-terre of a Greek couple. Greek and cosmopolitan, elegant and comfortable, a blend of timelessness and quiet luxury.

:: Further Reading ::
View the house tour at Architectural Digest.

Books by John Stefanidis: 

An Island Sanctuary: A House in Greece

Living by Design: Ideas for Interiors and Gardens

Rooms: Design & Decoration, 

I hope you enjoyed today's house tour. 
See you soon.


love, Irene

Monday, 22 November 2010

...and the winner is...

Hello dear friends,
Thanks to everyone who paricipated in my Autumn giveaway. 
And Thanks to the fabulous CSN stores for sponsoring it.
The winner is nr. 10, Edmonton JB.

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 For those who did not win, there will be another Giveaway coming up in time for the holidays.
So stay tuned!

love, Irene

Mosaic Monday; Brown and Orange

Warm Autumn colours from our home.

Linking to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House.

See you next week.

love, Irene

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Friday's Fabulous Finds-Christmas with Anthropologie

modern pearls...a classic

i love velvet and the colour mustard

comfy luxury...very me

something ethnic

this is jewellery for home.


...Christmas is a time of light and warmth, candlelight and the colour red...

I hope you enjoyed my selection!
 All pictures Anthropologie now in Europe, too!
Wishing you the weekend of your dreams...

love, Irene

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Monday blog loving-Christmas inspiration

Hello dear friends,

For Greek Orthodox Christians, like myself, the Christmas season begins on November 14th, the feast of St. Philip. It is the day when the Christmas fasting begins, forty days in preparation for the arrival of the King.

We normally have a moderately cold and wet weather till the end of November, and we don't get too much snow where we live, so we don't get much of a white Christmas, either.
However, that does not deter me from dreaming of Christmas.

The older I get, the more I want Christmas to be what it ought to be, spiritually and also it terms of feelings and love, coziness and beautiful, glittery memories.

When I came across the blog I am posting about today, it was all I could dream of right now: not too Christmasy yet, not yet snowy, not too cozy. Instead it is bright and colourful, brilliant and glittery.

All that I could wish for right now in terms of a Christmas air.

The lady behind the blog is Liz Demos. She is an accomplished photo stylist and freelance producer, whose work has been featured in  a number of magazines nationwide.

She is also designing perfectly warm and welcoming events and has recently signed with Chronicle Books for her first book, due in Fall 2012.

Now let me show you some of my favorite pictures. 
This is actually of Ms. Demos' home, from Country Home magazine.

What a perfect Christmas vignette!
Collecting old and maybe damaged decorations in a simple container is such a nice way to upcycle loved objects and give them a new lease for life.

A white trea would not fit in my home, but it would look lovely in the girls' room.

These decorations look like they have been covered in sugar icing!

Classic, shabby or modern, a Christmas trea is a symbol that speaks to our hearts.

I very much like the idea of dressing up every room in preparation for the holidays! I like this tabletop trea that adornswithout overwhelming this bedroom. I also like the colour combination: something retro, something vibrant, something country, wrapped up in such a pleasant way.

Looking through her portfolio, I also came across this lovely yellow truck which very much reminded me of the yellow motorcycle I had shown you here a few weeks ago.

Please give a warm applause to 
~Vintage General~
the shop (to open soon), 
and if you live in the States, 

the "real" shop in Savannah, GA.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. 
See you soon!

love, Irene

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