Monday, 15 April 2019

Spring and new beginnings

Were it not for flowers, we'd have no idea where time goes. And seasons. Rain and sunshine. Peace after the wind blows. And the interim. Where you don't know whether you are alive or not, whether breathing is enough, when there is nobody to tell you if you must wait or if you must push.

This photo was taken on a winter. Last winter. When life felt like Spring. When everything seemed possible. When I could be as vocal as I wanted, and as alone and as together as I pleased.
Till life pushed me to my current state of prison. Where home is not home. And all I craved and escaped for, seems so close and so gone.

The window that opened that summer morning in Provence, lead me to my freedom. And my freedom taught me my limits. And my limits taught me that my life is not infinite. That breaking free gave me hope, and a new lease for life. 

I travelled. I loved. I am so thankful for the sweet taste of freedom and love

I am loved. And that's all that matters. 


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