Thursday, 20 November 2008

For the love of craft.

I am an admirer of creative people. My mother was an accomplished dress maker who used to knit and sew and cross-stitch for pleasure. She is known to have knit even with a broken arm in plaster.
Her mother adored sewing and embroidering things from the home. She did tea towells and dishclothes and handkerchiefs with religious attention to detail.

I was born in times of change, when academic excellence was pivotal. So crafting was largely discouraged at home.
But the crafty vein found its way in my tapestries that I used to make every year during the exam period, my way of focusing.
So, I love seeing the work of people who actualy do what I adore looking at.
There is so much that can be expressed though handcraft. It may not be art in the classical sense as in the arts. But it is the expression of how each soul is related to the World. And that should be grately encouraged.

(All photos from Inspireco. Artella is a great resource for altered art and artsy props).


Italian Girl in Georgia ~ Suzanne MacCrone said...

Beautiful post and lovely "art."

Anonymous said...

Hi Irene! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!

I :heart: your blog - you have wonderful taste. :)

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