Thursday, 31 October 2013

This One Kings Lane video will inspire you to decorate!

What inspires you to decorate your home?
 One Kings Lane just released this wonderful video (at the bottom of my post) that I found so inspiring.
It IS true, designing your nest grows and changes and is all about the seasons and our innermost needs.
 What I love about the short clip is how they don't remodel the entire room, just a few pieces here and there to give the room an entirely new feel!
 One Kings Lane has new sales pop up all throughout the week and each sale lasts 72 hours, so when you see an item, don't wait!
Head over and check them out today: One Kings Lane.
But before you go,  watch their new quick video right here:

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

To be happy about...

Anna Spiro blogging again. I love her idiosyncratic shop and her eye for happy places.
Minimalist with maximalist-gold-undertones. How ingenious of you, Dustjacket Attic!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Autumn 2013 is about...

  • A cashmere pullover-or a cardi like Charlie Brown's blanket
  • Fragrant air-jasmin
  • A cabin-in my daydreams
  • The woods-a park will do
  • Apple pie-make:next weekend

  • Travelling-paradise lost of the past-new travels to be made
  • Reading-two new books
  • Blogging-finding refuge

  • Cross-stitching-Till we meet again
  • Making house a home-For You
  • Resting-in the kindness of friends
{Elsa Hansen via Tory Burch}
Fall 2013 is about
  • finding my own voice
  • expressing  myself
  • learning patience
  • holding my breath
  • breathing
Hey, people
Thanks for the lovely pics.
You motivate me to go on walking, living, expecting, hoping, believing

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Prayer Request

Dear Friends,
I am writing to ask for your prayers.

My family is going through the most unthinkable nightmare. We sometimes hope we'd pinch ourselves and awake on an ordinary, beautiful Autumn morning. And yet...
We are living one day at a time. Making no plans. Praying for my dear husband, and hanging on our hopes to God.

Please join us in prayer, that all will be well again when the time is right.
Loving you all,

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