Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday's Fabulous Finds

vintage spoon jewellery
...and inspiration.
Can you believe this place really exists and it is a restaurant?
(Found via here)
Jane Broket, one of my favorite bloggers who has also written one of my favorite books ever,
If you live in the UK, I hope you enjoy the treat!

My new favorite Tumblr blog

I hope your life is fab!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Dreaming of Brooklyn

When my forefather moved from Greece to Milwawkee, things were pretty tough yet pretty hopeful, too.
I love the way neighborhoods turtned to communities were opportunity and willingness and hope grew.
Brooklyn is definitively one of these areas, don;t you think?
There is something about Brooklyn that warms my heart and calls my name...


What places do you dream of?
(all images here)

Something for the Weekend

Happy Thnaksgiving
to my American friends and family!
Isn't this the most fun Thanksgiving card?
I love it !
(From here)
One of my favorite bloggers has a brand new column in a UK magazine!
I am always so happy when bloggers I follow , with interesting, fun and original ideas get a media breakthrough and get their talents up a notch!
What a lovely craft, from Simply Crochet magazine.
Plus, Attic24 is sporting a Rice DK giveaway, sponsored by fig1 UK for those of you living in the UK!
You may enter here.
Let's stay in the UK for awhile.
A post by an American lady living in the UK made my heart beat faster.
Oftentimes I miss England so much, and this post reminded me of England in the most sensuous way. The weather, the earthy rainy perfumed air, and teenhood...
In her words:
If you've visited the English countryside,
you cannot help but notice the hedgerows
that create perimeters around farmland and property

Hedges create super-highways for wildlife across the countryside
- so many are connected -
and provide a bounty of food with its berries and fruit

A place of shelter, I find such great comfort in these living barriers

Like a cutie-pie hedgehog traveling along the hedgerows,
I find thankfulness in the sweet tidbits and friends I meet along my path.
Another blogging favorite of many, Yvonne,
uncovered the book cover of her upcoming cookbook!
As she says, it falls into the Food and Interiors category!
I also love her quote:
 I love the line Queen Latifah quotes in the film 'The Secret Life of Bees' when her autistic sons says; "but mom I don't fit in any box", "well son then they have to build a bigger box".
Also check out
A lace and lavender wedding dress here.
Homey cheesemaking here
And, as Christmas is coming slowly but surely,
you will love Cherry's newest find:
A 110 year old book of Robert Browning's Christmas Eve.
You may read the work here.
I wish you all a love filled weekend.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Home makeover love

One of the most stylish lady bloggers I know, Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo,  had her home decorated and shared the before and afters. Don't you just love looking at a place going from "now what?" to fab? I do! It's my job!



I love how this tiny place became a real family home, comfortable and stylish and so very American!
Here are a few pictures of the fabulous makeover done by Emily Henderson.
Visit here to see more!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

One Day...

{ via }
 I'll have my own shop with just the things I love and I want to share with you.

{ via }
One day elegance and light ill reign supreme.

{ via }

One day we shall spend time having fun.

{ via }
Doing some seriously fun shopping perhaps...

{ via }
And we shall create a place that we shall enjoy with our loved ones,
'cause that's what love is all about.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Christmas Cross-Stitching Ideas

We are just one month ahead of Christmas,
 but there is still time to create something beautiful for our homes, for ourselves, for our loved ones. Here are some Ideas from my Pinterest boards


Visit my Pinterest for much, much more
Have Fun!

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Happy New Week Ahead: Comfort

Comfort is
{ via }

Old linen, silver and art de la table for the ordinary, making it extraordinary.

{ via }
Nature, the sound of water, the colours of Autumn.

{ via }
 A fab giveaway for these enamel beauties here, ending Friday 29th.

And crafts, of course. A new wreath and bulbs from here!
Have a fab week ahead!

Monday, 18 November 2013

A new week of Autumn

Hello Friends,

We've had the warmest Autumn I can recall.
A good thing since we don't need to burn our stoves yet...
The weather will be changing next week and I am attracted to images of Autumn and house warmth.

A stroll through Copenhagen by one of my favorite bloggers. (She is Greek, too)

I want to make this for Christmas!

"We shall always have Paris"

New York, New York

Apple pie via here

Athens in the Autumn

Looking forward to satsumas and oranges.
(Let me know of the photo source, if you know it)


Christmas crafts...
The most wonderful time of the year

I hope your week is fun and joyful


Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Another way...Thoughts on composure

The Christmas fasting season will begin in two days' time.
I am looking to a time of cleansing and centering and renewing...thoughts, hopes, dreams.
Puting in perspective
Wanting a Christmas homecoming for my loved ones.
Here is a glimpse at what is inspiring me.

:: Words ::
"Let me show you another way"
An amazing post of a simple epiphany, where this post started.

:: Words ::
"These tragedies, compounded by earlier, unforgettably tragic memories, convinced Lee to make, if not a new life, a different one".
I read this article an interview with Lee Radziwill and enjoyed it so much!
I wander why it needs to take us so long and so much turmoil to get wise(r)
"She regulates her life by standards inbuilt by experience, by nurturing her friendships, by staying true, by her irony, by her humor — all qualities that show she is the real deal. That past sorrows and joys have merged into an elegance that permeates her presence, that “something in the air” that indicates class and courage and composure".
:: Finding Beauty ::

This superb little video made me understand Art.
No joking.
And appreciate Life more.
Watch it now.
( via Door Sixteen )
:: Peace ::
Thinking of Christmas and family together.
Times of velvet and gold and gazing at the stars shining high.
 What do you long for today?
These days?

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Lilly’s Birthday Promotion

Celebrate a life in print this weekend in honor of Lilly’s birthday. Lilly’s carefree irreverence, effortless style and incredible joie de vivre inspires all of us! Let's cheer the original Palm Beach hostess.

Lilly Pulitzer Birthday Promotion 2013

Instagram Photo Challenge celebrating Lilly’s quotes continues through the weekend. Instagram a photo with the #LillySaid quote  celebrating that day with @lillypulitzer #LillySaid.
Cheers to Lilly! xx.

Lilly Birthday Party at the Pink Palace

Something for the weekend

  • I love this bag. Tutorial here.
 A kids' room doesn't need to be decorated in  relacxing and quiet tones.

As above
{Where did I put those printed boats from Rice?}
Never too early for holiday cheer
I loove this illustration by this super talented lady. I love the sweet side of life!
In this post, a November reading list included books by two of my favorite escapist blogs: Remodelista and What Katie ate. How I love it when blogs turn into books!
Some more of Remodelista


Minã Perhonen's Tokyo shop and Kyoto gallery
I hope you all have a lovely
and well balanced weekend

Classy Bling

Links of London USA

Best buys