Thursday, 30 April 2015

First Lady fashions

Surely, there is one First Lady that comes to mind with the term. 
However, with Ms Hillary Rodham Clinton stepping forward as a Presidential candidate, the title seems fitting and yet... First Lady President, might be even better!

I found this sketch of Ms, Clinton and I am sharing it with you along with two other favorites, one of, well, The First Lady, and the one of French former presidential candidate Ms. Segolene Royale. 

I absolutely love the look chosen for Ms. Clinton!

HILLARY CLINTON styled by Diane Pernet, fashion critic and founder of A Shaded View on Fashion blog, wearing evening ensemble by Rick Owens, shoes by Alexandre Birman, short cuff by Giambattista Valli, necklace and long bracelet cuff by 1-100 by Graham Tabor & Miguel Villalobos.

SEGOLENE ROYAL: Former Presidential candidate of France styled by Laura Larbalestier, designer womenswear buying manager at Selfridges, wearing dress and shoes by Dries Van Noten, tote bag by Celine.

MICHELLE OBAMA: First Lady of the USA styled by Sarah Easley and Beth Buccini, co-owners and buyers for the boutique Kirna Zabête, wearing dress by Proenza Schouler, shoes by Alexander Wang, bracelet and clutch bag by Anndra Neen.

To see more of Power Dressing for First Ladies and Women Politicians, click right here.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Guest Post: Creating the Ultimate Guest Room

Hello friends,
Let's give a warm welcome to Jane Blanchard who is guest posting today for the Happy Turtle. 
Jane works for, a new home design, decorating, and remodeling website.
 She has written for sites like The Huffington Post, and Apartment Therapy.

With more people just staying at hotels these days, the art of preparing a proper guest room is practically lost. It's not as simple as making the bed or fluffing the pillows anymore. You must make the visitor feel special and comfortable with thoughtful items and arrangements within the space. Create the ultimate guest room with these bright ideas next time someone knocks on your door.

Offer Ample Cabinet Space

Even if your guest is only staying one night, they’ll want to have some privacy for their personal items. Clean out and line a sturdy cabinet or dresser. The cabinet interior should be free of all items, encouraging guests to "move in" temporarily. Definitely add some decorations on the cabinet's top surface, but still allow ample space for guests to lay down certain items. Keys, phones and other small items get lost easily if there's no clean surface to store them on.

Lay out the Ground Rules

Emergencies can happen at any time, even when guests are just visiting for the night. Provide a safety list in the guest room with all emergency exits clearly marked. Even provide some local emergency numbers in case of any issues. On a more casual subject, also include the home's WiFi password with this information. With today's technology relying heavily on Internet access, it's courteous to offer the password so the visitor doesn't have to use their data plan to check email and other accounts.

Provide Easy Access to Linens

Although this host added several pillows to the bed, you don't have to create such an ornate display. Add one or two pillows to the guest bed while storing away two other pillows in an adjacent closet. Point out these pillows and blankets when the guest sets their personal items in the room. They'll feel more at home if they know where these essentials are located. You don't want your visitors to be cold at midnight without extra supplies.

Install a Small Refrigerator

If you really want to create the ultimate guest room, install a small refrigerator. Although it may seem like overkill, this thoughtful convenience is appreciated by nearly everyone. Fill it with bottled water, juices and other goodies. The kitchen could be just down the hall, but finding fresh water in the middle of the night could be a chore for some visitors. For seniors in particular, cold food and drinks within reach are true luxuries.

Act like a Hotel

You can't get anymore convenient than this glass cabinet. Visitors will always be in need of certain items, including tissues, toilet paper and even toothpaste. Add all the essential toiletries to a basket or a cabinet like this one. Visitors see the items immediately, making them feel like they're at home. As a good host, you want to avoid making people feel embarrassed about asking for more toilet paper, for example. Offering your home to a person creates a bond that helps them feel more comfortable visiting another time.

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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Shop Ines de la Fressange

From my perfect style icon ever...
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A Lilly (Pulitzer) bit of happy

Hello, Friends!
You know how much I looove my Lilly!
Yesterday I was leafing through  a book 
(Victoria Moran's Living a charmed life)
and inside I found this picture of me, some years ago, wearing -of course!- Lilly!

{Images above: 
-Fabulous and real!-}
Lilly lightning!
I checked Lilly's website
And here are my favorite prints of the season

Not everyone is I shaped!
Well done to both Target and Lilly!

My personal favorite is this Nosie Posey dress. 
At just $38!
Love it!!!

 And now I am going to say 
See you Soon
With a glimpse of my Spring mani

and my favorite quote from Lilly

P.S. Want some more FUN? 
Try this quiz to find out if you are truly a Lilly Pulitzer kind of gal!
As for me, I miss hit once,lol, and I got

Your knowledge of Lilly is as bright as a pink flamingo–covered maxi dress. Congrats!

Pretty Good, ha?


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