Tuesday, 28 March 2017

This weekend, we are antiquing in Athens

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31.03 – 02.04
Παρασκευή 31 Μαρτίου 2017 στις  20:30
ΔιεύθυνσηΠολιτιστικό Κέντρο Δήμου Αθηναίων ΜΕΛΙΝΑ (Ηρακλειδών 66 & Θεσσαλονίκης, στο Θησείο)
Ώρες λειτουργίας παζαριού:
την Παρασκευή 6 το απόγευμα με 10 το βράδυ,
το Σάββατο 10 το πρωί με 10 το βράδυ και
την Κυριακή 10 το πρωί με 8 το βράδυ
Η είσοδος είναι ελεύθερη.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Pantone’s colour of the year

It is commercial and it is a trendd and we all know that not all colors suit us all
(I hope you do!)
But I've always loved the color palette and I do like the color green. 
From my parot green Lacoste blouse to my current homey knit form HM, yes, I am well aware of fashion trends and what suits me!
Here is the color of 2017 happy, hopeful, lingering in Nature and around our homes.


Dine out in Athens-Yoleni's

Last night, on my way home from work, 
I decided to stop by a spot I always passed by, but never decided to enter.
In my part of the city which I cross from age 9,
we are not used to this type of "alternative" facade.
It is a new spot, anyway, so I can be party excused, but still, I was wondering whether it is an eco/raw/food-cum-cannabis shop of some kind, with insanely high prices and poor service. 
And yet,
last night I did get inside.
I was greeted at the door -but a little further inside, 
which was a good thing, as I got to spot the place first,
by a trendy but nice young man who showed me in but not to my table. 
I got to pick the one just behind and above the music duo who was playing jazz for the night

This gave me the opportunity to survey the people (young, "alternative", older with grown children)
and the atmosphere (informal yet tightly woven). 
There is also an extra spacious upper room which houses some rather more fashionable and older groups, but which was so tightly packed that 
I wouldn't care to cross, unless I was meeting someone special.

I'll go back for the smoothies

I ordered a pita with egg and a caramelised onion chutney.
The pita was kind of heartwarming, I'd say. 
this soulful kind of food that is not exacly a dish to talk about, but it does its job of making feel 
a simple plate, a treat. 
What I need to say, though, is praise for the onion chutney, that turned out to be delicious, given that I am not an onion fan but tried it on purpose.

This special little dish was washed down with a home made lemonade which was not really, really special, and rather too sugary for my taste, 
but was a nice alternative if you don't want to drink alcohol.
On my way out, I stopped by the selection of Ionia crockery that is for sale. 
Ionia is a Greek company that produces premium quality porcelain since 1972. 
Finest quality and lovely design. Highly recommended. 

As it turned out, they also do take away and delivery
they work with TV-famous chef Dina Nicolaou,a graduate of
«Le Cordon Bleu», «Ritz Escoffier», «Alain Ducasse formation», «Lenotre».
which goes a long way to explain the imaginative dishes they sell in a creative manner.

 The even better part is that the store has also a basement where you can shop for
  GReek-only items of food and wine, all presented in an aboundant yet boutique manner, 
which really does fit the neighborhood, 
linking upper class Kolonaki to the student-in-rebellion Solonos/Exarcheia planet.

All in all, a lovely experience 
with real food
reasonably priced
efficient but non-intrusive service. 

T:0030 2122223623
open all week 8:00-22:00

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Nine Things To Get Us Off Our Sofas This Spring

I found this article inspiring, as we enter into Spring in the North hemisphere, 
and I am sharing it with you.

Image: The one and only Kate Moss, growing into a sophisticated and well lived woman,
on the cover of next month's Vogue UK

The mornings are suddenly lighter and the evenings brighter, which means two things - that spring is in the air, and that the new year's resolutions are likely long gone. Whether you are still sticking to yours or gave them the boot by January 2, a new season is a time for a fresh approach and we're endeavouring to spend a little less time on the sofa now that the freezing weather is, hopefully, behind us. If we're going to tear ourselves away from the television set, we need some enticing alternatives - here are Vogue's nine ways to put a spring in your step this year.


Get Out

Whatever the weather, taking a day trip is a lovely way to spend a spring day. Come rain or shine, Kent's Sissinghurst - a beautiful National Trust house with hundreds of acres of pretty gardens - is a firm Vogue favourite.

Get Organised

'Tis the season to get sorted (it's called a spring clean for a reason, after all). Pick the most cluttered part of your house and play a game that we like to call Keep, Bin Or Charity Shop. The rules are self-explanatory (although you should impose a brief time limit to make each cull concise) and out-with-the-old/unworn/unused is the goal.

Get Relaxed

Forget the mantra that you're too busy to relax and schedule in some much-needed me time. Hotpod Yoga has several pop-up inflatable studios around London - and even more across the UK - offering not only an intense physical workout (in 37 degree heat) but also mind-calming techniques. If less exertion is what you require, then The Berkeley 's rooftop pool is the serenest oasis for a swim.

Get Informed

Ok, so this might not quite count as getting off the sofa (it could actually be an opportunity to stay on it) but it certainly does expand horizons - visit one of Vogue's best bookshops to select a new read for the season ahead, or get hooked on one of our favourite podcasts and use it as motivation to stick in your headphones and put on your walking shoes.

Get Active

Ditch the old exercise regime, it's time for a spring shake-up. KOBOX - the first boutique boxing gym - has just opened its second London location, where Fight Club meets nightclub and the fun, fast-paced workout combines boxing technique with strength training.

Get Away

Struggling to wait until summer for a getaway? Treat yourself to a spontaneous holiday - here are the nine destinations that the Vogue editors are eyeing up to tick off our travel bucket lists this year. If you're wanting something super short-haul, these are our favourite places for a weekend break in the UK.

Get Cultured

Bored of the same old weekend plans? Try something new this spring. Whether it's an exhibition (David Hockney at the Tate is a must-see) or going to see a show (the new season on London's theatre calendar sees big names like David Tennant, Daniel Radcliffe and Imelda Staunton take the stage) there's never been a better time to broaden your cultural horizon.

Get Pampered

If anything will get us out of the house, it's the promise of a pamper - be it a blow dry (Duck and Dry's new West End opening will leave you with a spring in your step and a bounce in your perfectly coiffed hair) or an all-indulgent spa treatment (add a little invigoration with a Cowshed full-body blitz).

Get Creative

Why not hone a new talent in time for summer? Regular creative hobbies, such as ceramics, are a great way to get creative and make something special for your home. Be adventurous and opt for something niche, like tapestry - needlework classes are available at Tapisserie in South Kensington.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Bride in Athens

My forever favorites, Me and Ro.

It may not be "bridal" but if I were to get married now,  I would probably pick this one!

Rita Pateroni fashion house is based in Athens, Greece. Rita and her daughter Liana,design the haute couture garments and wedding gowns,that are distinguished for the quality,aesthetics and timelessness. Their Creations are characterized by femininity and true elegance. All Pateroni boutiques offer tailor made services. The bridal gowns are made, exclusive made to order, according to every customer's needs.

When I first got married, at the age of 25, I didn't have the time or the inclination to choose my "perfect" bridal gown or organise a big wedding. 
I was looking forward to starting a new life and I did not pay much attention to the details. 
23 years later, I look at life very differently.
Having moved to Athens, 5 years ago, I walk around the capital, and enjoy the diversity and the imagination of the local couturiers.
I have photographed some of the best I have seen that I would happily pick today.
What do you think?


Friday, 10 March 2017


Gari Melchers (1860-1932)
Early Spring Landscape 1918
Caroline Johnson
The Living Room at La Mardelle, Brittany
Carole Rabe
Forsythia, Spring

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Spring Fashions in Athens

Spring is in the air in Athens Windows are blooming with the new Spring fashions These are my favorites. xoxo Rena

Classy Bling

Links of London USA

Best buys