Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Autumn Days Welcome

And so, we stepped into Autumn
First fallen leaves
starting already in August
(these from my vacation in Crete, this past summer)

Warm Up

{ Posie Gets Cozy }

{ Habitually Chic }

Lovely soups and stews
(that no-one eats in my household)

Those fine September nights, when the dew dropped on my face and I licked it to get drunk.”

— A.Rimbaud

A sense of wild 
That calls for a life RUSTIC and PRIMITIVE

Time to set up home, cuddle and domesticate

Time to reap
to harvest 
Life's  Joys

Take the scenic route 
and live...

Autumn Leaves


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Morning Prayer

{Photo found on TUmblr, some time ago}

The land does not cease to give.
But the people do grow full
and forget to give thanks.
We fill up our hollow bones and trade heritage for a set of keys,
a power line,
a sadness not filled up by all the gold from these Mountain springs.
We do our best to bring the forests and mountains down to find our gold.
it cannot fill the sadness,
save to build our homes and fill them with lights,
to fuel our cars and grind down the keys that will drive us to cemetaries
on days when we are told to remember the leftOnes,
our mothers and fathers.
But we do not go and ask for wisdom anymore.
We cannot bring ourselves to look down at the graves
and ask the soil to give us answers.
And so, the land continues to give,
while we forget to give thanks for the fullness of these hollow bones.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Body language

criticism is someone else's feelings
Remember this

{Read this post}


Co-operate with the Universe

Dear Jonathan,The heart as a symbol of love is not universal, it is contemporary. Some cultures do not associate that shape with the feeling of love. Perhaps Pluto's lesson is that nothing emanates or has inherent meaning and all meaning is projected. Astrology then would appear to be a consensual, evolving meaning map. How wonderful that the universe co-operates with the meaning we project on it. Timaeon 

Dear Timaeon, I agree the sky seems willing to be what we want it to be. But are we willing to be what we think it wants us to be?

Questions on Women's blogging

Goodmorning freinds,
As I visit my favorite bloggers every day, I realise that they are mostly women. 
Do men not blog? 
Yes, they do. 
So why do I not read men's blogs?
I realise that I tend to read men's opinions on politics and public affairs. They are more trustworthy, more sober, less frilly. 
I wonder what it would be to be woman and frilly and write about politics and public affairs. 
Why is Life set in black and white when it comes to "serious matters"?  Why we women who feed and live it are not inclined to share our opinions? Is it because we are affraid we may lose friends? That our opinions may not be politically correct? Is it that we shield ourselves from potential strain and pain? Is it our self-protection of the life-bearer at work, or is it our cowardice?
Haven't we all seen where this seriousness of the men-dominated public spots in suites, followed by women who immitate them in sober two-pieces, has led the world and where it is still leading us?
Suffering and war and more suffering in  the name of Justice and Rules. 
This is an interiors, travel and good life blog,
what about a Happy Turtle blog that would voice my opinions
 communicate them in India pink and Colette Pantone blue
Yeah, I want to do that. Because I have opinions and I want to voice them. And I know that you have opinions, too, and that you want to voice them. And I cannot possibly believe that women care only or mostly about cooking recipes and even, like Happy Turtle, elegant interiors and beautiful travel. 

Stay tuned!


Monday, 17 August 2015

Blogloving: Posts I read you wouldn't want to miss!


In a post called "Seasons at the village", one of my favorite Greek celebrity people, cook, writer and TV person, Heleni Psychouli, writes about the home she and her partner created among the olive trees. electricity-free.
(Use google translate or another service, if you can;t read Greek. It is worth it).


Favorite stylish mama blogger Travelling Mama posts about the colour brown as a new trend in interior walls.

See it also here, in Martha Stewart's Main home library.

 Warm and inviting, I think. 
But then you may wish to paint blanc. But then, why not?


Another trend I have in mind is pink. 
Read what
writes about planning on painting her home office pink.

Improvements suggested include door knobs, light switches and wall decals. 
Worth it!


Sunday, 16 August 2015

What to eat in France: Dessert

Parce qu' on peut resister a tout, sauf a la tentation!...


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