Monday, 28 June 2010

The amazing Mr.Tierney

I fisrt found this...because one needs to talk as much as they need to be silent.
Sweet, magical, dream world.
Amazing illustrations, a gem for a gem for every library

These colours, these letters, the lemonade...all make me happy! Thank you, Mr.Tierney!

{ From JimTierney }

love, Irene

Photographer Costa Picadas

Based in New York, Greek photographer Costa Picadas has been photographing evrything from interiors, to royalty, to food, for the past 30 years. Best known for his atmospheric pictures, in rich browns and reds,

he is equally at home with classic, elegant modern,

as well as contemporary interiors,

with a good touch of humor.

He loves Gotham city, in both its dark

and lighter incarnations.

To view more of his work, please vist : Costas Picadas website.

love, Irene

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Hi summer

You may read the post's title both ways: "Hi, it's summer!" and "High Summer". Couldn't make up my mind :))
Hi, I hope you are still there. Very happy if you are. So I am rested. I spent every free moment reading. I read a wonderful novel, that had me stay up till the early hours with a couple of hours of sleep. I shopped my bookshelves for books I didn't know I had. I chased daydreams.And I have some great ideas, focusing on Greek design...So stay tuned.

p.s. Does anyone know how I can move that badge to a more descreet place? I do want to give credit for the festive summery flags that grace the blog's background, but not on my post header!..Thank you!

love, Irene

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