Sunday, 30 June 2013

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A day on the beach


They insisted we went to the beach.
I nearly missed it for lack of tankini bottoms.
Thank God I can still fit in my bikinis.
And so we went.
And I probably had more fun,
needed it more than they did,
and overall relaxed.
Summertime on the beach=Love
love, Irene

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Question time...

1.Night Owl
3.Car crash

4. Travelling to the speed of light from Atherns to Mykonos to New York to Paris

5. Healing
6. Romancing under the Acropolis
7. Never accept anyone above you

8. Both
9. I worked hard on my self in order not to be embarrassed. I cherish not feeling embarrassed 
10. The one you decide to spend your life with.

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(All images via Pinterest)

love, Irene

Hamish Bowles 50th 'Gatsby' party

{ my favorite photo}

Birthday boy with 'W'fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia

Hamish Bowles, International Editor at Large at Vogue, 50th birthday 
with a Great Gatsby themed dinner 
in Southampton. 

(All images by Vogue)

love, Irene

Friday, 21 June 2013

Spetses Classic Yacht Race 2013


I so love the greek seas. 
I am a land person, but our islands? 
Definitively the very best for fun, meditation and dolce far niente.

Read a full report (in Greek) by Fay Bei , Greece's classiest social journalist, 
and feast on her beautiful, sunny photos of greek seas, yachts and le beau monde

love, Irene

Summer Solstice


12 Things to Do on Summer Solstice
  1. Light a bonfire: The solstice day was traditionally celebrated by dancing around the bonfires. 
  2. Go fishin'
  3. Plant a seed or a tree: Traditionally, to the farmer, the solstice is the midpoint of the growing season, halfway between planting and harvesting, and an occasion for celebration. 
  4. Cook outside: There's nothing as tasty as grilled food. Have a big cook-out on the solstice. 
  5. Camp: Plan a camp-out to enjoy the great outdoors whether it's a tent in the backyard or a cabin in the woods!
  6. Listen to songbirds.
  7. Get pampered. Midsummer Day, near the solstice, was said to make old people look younger. It was also thought that walking barefoot in the dew would keep one's skin from getting chapped. 
  8. Let the light in! With all this extra daylight, hang a gorgeous suncatcher on your window or porch.

Whishing you Brightness and Happiness.

love, Irene

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Do you like New York?

What do you think of New York?
It is a world metropolis, no doubt, but what do you make of it aesthetically?

If it looks anything like the drawings of James Gulliver Hancock, an illustrator originally from Australia currently based in Brooklyn, New York,
I think I love it!

love, Irene

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