Sunday, 30 September 2018

October: Renew in the womb

I welcome the rain.
I welcome the night.
The darkness.
The need for warmth.
I accept that I need you, and I surrender to Fate.
I am tasting all of the goodness of life.
The chestnut. The caramel.The liquid of life coming together with the solid.
I welcome life, my love


Tuesday, 4 September 2018

September: I am ready, honey. Let's go!


I feel hesitant. Alot. 
every step carrying the weight of an eternity.
though life goes on and it goes fast.
i am already through half an eternity.
and i know that i must take the step to set me free
to set me moving
let's take that step together, 
there is a reason we are here
there is a reason we can set each other free
will be 
I am ready
i know you are.


Darling, let's carry on being open to the life we both deserve. let's dance and make music. when we love each other, life is a feast. 

and now, together we go....


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