Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Useful resources

My search for tools to help me build on my yearning for art and creativity began some ten years ago, when I first read Julia Cameron's classic The Artist's Way. That book and the accompanying The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal made me realise that we can all be creative in our everyday lives.
If you think about it, art is embedded to our nature. God built us to His image, making us appreciate beauty and the world He created and placed us in.

Only a century ago womenfolk were creating beautiful embroideries and lovely clothes and beautified their homes with their own hands. And primitive people never shied away from carving and painting. So why let ourselves believe that only the work of a few well networked people who sell their products to a few thousand around the globe, are allowed to be called art?

Most of you are familiar with Etsy that I mentioned in my previous post. Last week I have also written this post about my maternal family's approach to handicraft and at the end I have posted a link to the on-line community of Artella Land.

Let me tell you some more about it. Artella is the brain child of Marney Makridakis who, back in 2002 had the idea to start a magazine for artists and writers.The result is Artella Magazine, a playland of people and tools which has grown into an on-line community.

She also publishes a free e-zine, full of ideas and inspiration for artists of all kinds and ways, from poetry to altered books, to people who look for ways to unleash their creativity.

Why don't you head over, subscribe to their free e-zine, and have fun?

Oh and make sure you stop by soon for a fantastic seasonal giveaway!

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corine said...

Even as a writer, The artist's way was a revelation. It sent me into my present journey. And like you it was about ten years ago. What a fabulous book. I own an immense debt to Mrs. cameron

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