Monday, 23 February 2009

Vibrant Victorian-India Knight's London Home

The most recent addition to my library is India Knight's The Thrift Book: Live Well and Spend Less. I first read about it in a post at Etsy. Knowing Ms. Knight's dry wit and down to earth wording, I knew she would have done it again. And she did. I eep her book in my bathroom for easy reference. And that is a huge compliment.

Her previous book in my collection,Neris and India's Idiot-proof Diet: From Pig to Twig had such wonderful advice not only for weight loss but also for dealing with everyday situations and people, that it is full of marginalia by yours truly, enough to write the Companion book.

I first fell for Ms. Knight's writing several years ago, when in our first, memorable family holiday, I took with me My Life on a Plate. I was famously laughing aloud and I eventually had to stop from time to time to keep everyone updated on the developments! I still have that paperback, sand falling from its leaves now and then. It is also the only fiction book that made it to my favorite books list on my profile page. That says something of my relationship with her writing.

Ms. Knight is also a columnist for the Sunday Times. I always leave her toward the end of my reading session, Monday afternoon, to sip on her clever, funny and often opinionated writing.

So, you can imagine how I jumped on my heels when I found out at the newsagents that the current issue of Living Etc. featured her London home!

I hadn't seen it before, but here is how it looks to me:

It's dark and mysterious.

It's funny and girly.

It's modern in a classic shell.

It has character.

It has a lot to say.

It's India Knight to me!

View more pictures here.

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