Thursday, 31 December 2009

The Times 50 best blog design blogs:my favorites from #9 to #1

And here we are at the top of the tops, according to The Times.
On #9 it's Creature Comforts. I don't know why publishing Flickr favorites which is basically easy content, counts as a plus for The Times, but otherwise this is an original and not self-absorbed blog, offering generous enjoyment to its visitors.

Emma's Design Blog features the oh so of the times scandinavian all white with touches of mid 20th century wooden items, a style that has flooded the net. In my point of view, I have had enough of the interminable combinations, mostly without inspiration. There is nothing wrong with making do with your mom's buffet, but when it becomes a trend, it's worse than Ikea: it is everywhere and no longer an original. On the other hand, I have never visited Emma's blog before. I suspect then, seeing that she writes from Stockholm and with her being on #8 as she is, that maybe I am missing something here, and maybe she is part of the original thread. That is why this blog is on my list.

I like Poppytalk the website alot. I like independent artists both for my own home and for my design projects. The blog though on #7 is a disappointment. A pitty.
Decor8 on #6 and Design Sponge on #2 are my staples. When I need a fix I head for an update. Great original content. Well deserved for both of them.
You can see by the way they cruise through their content that they are original. Desire to Inspire on #4 is an original from which other wannabes are inspired to immitate, but ot no avail. Original photography notebooks, great aesthetics. Well done ladies. Definitively trend setters.

*The Selby is on #3 I don't know if it is strictly design in the narrowest sense. I'd say it is design in the broadest sense of the word, as in personal style and house style and the photographer's own style. Supremely decadent and original, an image of our times.

Finally Apartment Therapy stands on #1. I am not crazy about it, but it is a big, original and varied blog. So I suppose it covers alot of people's needs and wants.
Finally, a word for the person doing the picking. It's Lynne Robinson. Tea for Joy is her blog and is quite nice with a large follow.

In my next post: my tops of the list.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

The Times 50 best design blogs: my favorites from #19 to #10

Continuing my picks from The Times 50 of the world's best design blogs, and my own picks from the list.

Of the white, idea-file variety, but with exquisite taste, and well researched, on #19, {This is Glamorous}

I have a sentimental relationship with Lobster and Swan, on Times' # 18. Never fails to spell dreamy next to everyday. And is an original , meaning more personal, less copy/paste, white.

On #16 Grain Edit isn't exactly my style, but when something is so good and honest, then it is welcome in my list.

Print and Pattern on #15 has the nicest and most ads. Useful place, then. A colelction of contemporary retro design, too.

*Swiss Miss on #14 is not visually attractive to me. Rather repulsive, actually, with all that hospital sterilisation (prominent Swiss flag doesn't help in that context, either). When I think Swiss I think chalet chic. BUT, I must admit it has the best content. I liked this article and this article. Well done.

*I don't like Bloesem as a whole, either. But I love the Let's Get Personal feature. Very well articulated, good questions, consistent picks. Plus,we share the same Christian name, which is a good omen. Irene obviously works alot on her blog, and has some clear ideas of where she is heading, so yes, she deserves to be on Times' #13 and in my list.

Young House Love , the Times' #12 is here for the idea of what such a blog might have been. Its owners' idea to turn their house renovation into cash fits well with the "make money from blogging" trend and its many gurus, but that kind of blog, although it offers some interest, is not a blog in my list. It is under-cover commercial.

Next, my selection from The Times' top picks from #9 to #1.

The Times 50 best design blogs: my favorites from #29 to #20

Things are getting tight...Lots of people sitting on my sidebar included here. However, I couldn't pass by any of these blogs:

*On #29 Fine Little Day offering , and I quote, Quirky Scandinavian style from a Swedish designer and photographer. Great shots, great perspective, unique. My favorite photography blog so far.

*On #28 Bliss actually IS blissful. I love the way this blog concentrates on happiness and wellbeing. I feel very relaxed and relieved from the muble-buble, when visiting. A big thank you and thumbs up for Bliss.

#27 houses A Field Journal. Too much thin air for my taste, which makes me quite dizzy. But still, deserves to be here.

#25 London based Wee Birdy (tipped as Incredibly cohesive, which is definitively a very good thing in my list )offers some great links and nice photography. Great stop.

Looking forward to the next bunch...

Monday, 28 December 2009

The Times 50 best design blogs: my fvorites from #39 to #30

*On #39 Katy Elliott from New England ofers something more than the usual endless copy-paste, would-like-to-be-artsy blogs that are filling the design blogosphere. A perhaps keeper.

*I had forgotten to visit one of my early days deco favorite, Making it Lovely which sits at #31. Personal view, original content and a good sense of humor. I am not for home porn, but here it is done with some innocence and taste. So, yes, keeper.

Finally, #30 Oh Hello Friend, is of the all-white and off-focus variety, but with some degree of personality. So, stays on.

:To be continued:

Happy Birthday!

May your best, happiest dreams become a blessed reality.

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

wrapping workstation

From Creative Organizing/Simplify 101

The Times 50 best design blogs: my favorites from #50 to #40

#50 Lovely Clusters from Hawaii is what its name implies.
An etheral butterfly, picking here and there like a myself...

*I loved this post on NY rooftop gardens and houses, from #48 Design Squish. Industrialists and Stock Exchangers can take the man to the city, but they cannot get Nature out of him. Loved this picture of snowed in Brooklyn, too...

No one beats the Brits. Seriously. They are witty and they're fun. The single most important influence in my life as a designer comes from my years in London and and the South East. I loved every moment at #47 Pillar Box Post.

*It is original and it definitively makes it to my renewed sidebar list in the Every Day Stops (to be formed over Christmas and New Years).

At #46 , Automatism, another collector of images with good taste.

Brooklyn Limestone is already on my sidebar and on #43. I haven't been in awhile, still like its urban coziness...

*Another of my favorites Chez Larsson made it to #40! A VERY helpful, generous and down to earth blog.

Asterisques make it to the finals of my favorites! To be continued...

Cabin Love







Nativity cross stitch


(From  here)

Friday, 18 December 2009

Dear Santa...

For Christmas
And the New Year
And my birthday

I want this bag...please?..It's corduroy and pink and green! Anyone hearing out there?

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Our Shop at Christmas

A new bed dressed in white cotton velvet

new organic cotton throws and woolen carpets

a new line of organic cotton bedlinen

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Happy Turtle-The Shop

After much brewing, my little shoppe is now open!
Do stop by and browse around!
My vintage and new destash items are the first up.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Feng Shui & Christmas

According to Chinese metaphysical studies, everything is connected within the whole universe…….between Heaven, Man/Human and Earth. The study of Feng Shui is the environmental examination of Chi/Qi between Heaven and Earth – Time and Space, and by incorporating the principles of Balance and Harmony.

The Christmas celebration happens a few days after the Winter Solstice, when the Water energy is strongest – most Yin time of the year, which is reflected by the cold temperature outside, and the shortest daylight hours during the day. In order to maintain a balance, we would need to activate the Yang energy in the form of:

  • Lighting – both for the exterior and interior of the house.
  • Activities – good time to have family gatherings around the fireplace, in the kitchen, enjoying the warmth, good nourishing food and festivities.

The Water element represents communication in terms of human activities, so this is the best time to convey the love and affection between family members, lovers and friends. Beware of intoxication due to too much alcohol consumption, as the negative side of the human activity will come out as being verbally abusive, argumentative and depressive.

The Water element also represents love; this is a wonderful time for sharing with others. In our present world with the big gap between the rich and poor, the haves and have-nots, pressing environmental issues as a result of global warming, instead of catering to consumerism and commercialization, acts of compassion and kindness towards others in the form of kind deeds, volunteerism, donations in kind to charities in lieu of gifts, and a helping hand to those in need will exemplify the true spirit of Christmas.

The Earth element controls the Water element, which can also bring in the balance as stability during the Christmas season; a stable home environment will provide the sense of belonging in everyone.

As for creating Feng Shui harmony within a space during the holiday season, the most important points are still according to the basic recommendations:

  1. Maintain a free flow of  Chi/Qi:

  • The Christmas tree is not too big for the space.
  • The Christmas tree is not obstructing the Wealth Chi/Qi in front of a window.
  • No cluttering due to too many decorations.
  • No obstructions in front of the doorways and within pathways.

  1. Pay attention to Colors & Shapes:

As Chi/Qi is also manifested by different colors and shapes, we have to pay particular attention to the ornaments and decorations used in different part of the building according to the flow between the Five Elements:

    • Wood – Green in color; stripes, columns and cylindrical in shape.
    • Fire – Red in color; triangular in shape.
    • Earth – Brown in color; square and cubic in shape.
    • Metal – White/metallic in color; round and ball shape.
    • Water – Black/navy in color; wavy in shape.

  1. Negative energy for 2009

Since every individual space has its own pattern of Chi/Qi according to the time the building was constructed, as well as the orientation of the building, without knowing the exact unique pattern of the Chi/Qi, the sensible recommendation in creating harmony during the Christmas season is by using a balance between all the different colors and shapes. The exceptions are as below:

·        During the present Yin Earth Ox year, the most negative Earth Chi/Qi is located within the North sector, too much Wood and Fire energy would not be recommended here – do avoid placing the Christmas tree here, especially not with red and triangular shaped ornaments.

·        The other area to avoid is the West sector, which has the undesirable Sickness Chi/Qi, too much Wood and Fire energy are also not recommended here – do avoid placing the Christmas tree here also, especially not with red and triangular shaped ornaments.

·        Beware of the possibility of real Fire hazards if a tree is placed within these sectors - replace lights with faulty wiring; avoid unattended candles and cigarette smoking.

Teresa Min Yee Hwang
Feng Shui Master & Lecturer, FSRC

Visit Teresa here.

Friday, 4 December 2009

A Scandinavian Christmas

Fairy Tale images from Scandinavia...Click on images to view larger.

The icy and the spicy

Icy or spicy? Do tell!..

Oh, and HAVE FUN!

All picture credits VAKRE

Classy Bling

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