Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Times 50 best design blogs: my favorites from #50 to #40

#50 Lovely Clusters from Hawaii is what its name implies.
An etheral butterfly, picking here and there like a myself...

*I loved this post on NY rooftop gardens and houses, from #48 Design Squish. Industrialists and Stock Exchangers can take the man to the city, but they cannot get Nature out of him. Loved this picture of snowed in Brooklyn, too...

No one beats the Brits. Seriously. They are witty and they're fun. The single most important influence in my life as a designer comes from my years in London and and the South East. I loved every moment at #47 Pillar Box Post.

*It is original and it definitively makes it to my renewed sidebar list in the Every Day Stops (to be formed over Christmas and New Years).

At #46 , Automatism, another collector of images with good taste.

Brooklyn Limestone is already on my sidebar and on #43. I haven't been in awhile, still like its urban coziness...

*Another of my favorites Chez Larsson made it to #40! A VERY helpful, generous and down to earth blog.

Asterisques make it to the finals of my favorites! To be continued...

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