Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Fall in Love-The feeling of it

I have always loved Fall. 
 Being an only child, Fall meant the company of my friends at school, 
the return of my Scout meetings 
and my Greek dance classes. 
What a joy! 
Besides, I loved stationery, the fresh ink on my new books, tidying up my desk, and wearing my new uniform.
With my kids came the resentment of Fall.
 In recent years I felt a little sad when Fall came. It meant the end of the summer months, and most of all the time we spent together on vacation, camping and just being with each other as a familly.
It meant long hours at work and haste at home
and not seeing each other ide of our daily chores and routines.

 This year though I kind of welcome
The Autumn.
Though the winters here are notoriously foggy and rainy,
after 14 years in this part of the world, and after much resenting it,
I decided you either go on and change location,
 or just be,
cause there is no point spending one more year of your life hating what you cannot/will not  change, aka the dreaded depressing weather.
Cause there are people all around us
people who left here for Athens a decade ago and now are fleeing back from fear, unemployment and criminality
people who got sick or childless or widowed
people who had to close down their lifelong businesses.
And though we may one day
close down our shop and have to move back to Athens and criminality and cement blocks,
right now we are right here
and we see each other more than we would if we stayed in a big city.
And besides,
I write to you
and you read
and we kind of
sort of
like each other
and share our dreams, our tastes and visions,
 and all that we love and cherish in this world
and really,
right now
that is all that matters.

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love, Irene


demie said...

darling, you write so good! by the way ( just noticed silly me) i `ll put your button on my blog ; )
φιλιά από τον βορρά

Heather said...

Irene, thank you so much for linking-up for "Fall In Love". I have some of the same feelings about fall. Are you seriously joining me from Greece?!? :) The great thing about link-ups is meeting new people! I love your blog! I can't wait to read more! XO

Veronika said...

Hi Irene. Stopping by from "Big City Belle" & just wanted to share the love & of course...see what everyone else loves for/about fall! =) Your post is ADORABLE! Love it! Have a beautiful night! XO
Calling All Dolls!

Michelle said...

I'm the same - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fALL - I posted a big list of reasons why over on my blog a few weeks ago. Love your blog too - it's been ages since I've been to visit but this time I won't leave it so long. Take care M x

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