Saturday, 28 January 2012

Cath Kidston Cafe

I love Cath Kidston.
I fall in love with patterns and colours from time to time
and you may have noticed my choices often move from classic to english rose to modern.
But that is who I am.
I may not be totally perfect, but parts of me are excellent
as the saying goes!

when it comes to overall perfection
Cath Kidston stands out, up there in my personal kolophon of favorites, 
right next to Lilly Pulitzer.
It took me ages to embrace the colourful side of me, but it's OK, girls, as long as we get to know and embrace who we are.

Which brings me to my subject.
The Café opened at the Cath Kidston store in Japan.

See the wallpaper? The red chair and cups?
And the bags? I love Cath Kidston bags.
Remember the one I got as a birthday present?

Then we move to stationery.
Look at the shades, the vintage typewriter, the kitch paintings, all setting the mood.
Remember. If I get lost somewhere one day,
I shall either be in the stationery or the bags section.
Otherwise, try Cartier!

Now, let's take our tea and cupcakes under the red and white striped umbrellas.
We might as well be in Brighton or Folkestone!

I wonder what these young ladies think.
"Yummy English Experience" is what comes to mind!

All images-Cath Kidston

Did you notice the open drawer unit where stationery is being displayed?
Looks so much like C's childhood chest of drawers.
Got to love those stylists!
love, Irene

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