Tuesday, 28 May 2013

"Final" school days

I don't know about you, but these are busy, busy days , my friends.  Carving some time for myself is so hard. Yet I need space to breathe more than ever.

My eldest is sitting her finals and I have been threefold busy. I have been spending with her days and nights on end reading and revising.
We spent the weekend together, just the two of us, reading and napping and laughing with silly memories.

Oh and having a lovely girls al fresco lunch in the garden.

Friends, I'd never swap these moments with my girl.
(Did I tell you she is halfway between 18 and 19? Oh my!)

 She had her mind set on studying English , a subject she likes and I know it is dear to her. When we came to Athens she was brainwashed by uber ambitious relatives who projected on her that she wanted to study Law.
 I always knew she hated it, because I know it is against her talents and character. However since she is such a gentle child and always a good student, we didn't want her to feel she didn't get the chance she deserved. So we went ahead with extra teaching and the promise that she'd get straight marks.
How I feel for her!

We are on lesson five out of six and I think she finally gets it. She is got to make her choice according to what she wants. She finally realised she has to close her ears to what other people want for her and concentrate on what she likes.

while my eldest reads for her college entry exams, and my daughter #2 reads for her end of the year exams and life spins and I need to breathe, I so pray that these times will help my girls grow into the women who they want to be, responsible and hopeful and successful in what they set their mind to do. Oh, and happy with their lives.

love, Irene

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