Monday, 17 March 2014

Beautiful pictures to start the week

Hello, Friends, 
May your week be beautiful, full of grace and the fragrance of Spring.
 Here is what's inspiring me this week

What would Spring be without flowers?

What woulf life be without good friends?

Springtime, dining al fresco
revamped, thanks to Ikea
(hey, I'll be there tomorrow!)

Do you feel like redecorating, even a little bit?
I feel so inspired by the mix of this black and white rug and those floral curtains.
Look how cleverly the colour black is picked off of the curtains!

Do you feel those green fingers itching?

I shall be looking for those potted herbs!
And I'm sure you'll be inspired by the colours of this bohemian home, that is full of attitude!

Psst! It comes with a downtown creative studio for two!

I hope your week is brilliant!

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