Saturday, 29 October 2016

Autumn Neighborhood Walk

This is the first day of Autumn in this part of the world that I felt I really wanted to light the fireplace and cosy inside the house. But I also enjoyed sitting in the veranda and taking in the perfumes of the crisp air mixed with my laundrey's vanilla scented softener.
It feels so good to be alive, that a walk around our quiet neighborhood felt like a blessing in a world full of storms.
I hope your life gets to know such peaceful moments.
We celebrated OXI day, the NO of governor Metaxas to the italian demand to pass our borders on october 28 1940.
Saw two movies on tv. One new and american and sadly vulgar (whoever likes Tarantino?), the other old and greek and quite naively charming.
I hope you learn to choose your battles and say your NOs.
I am only learning!..
As a fellow blogger recently wrote in an interesting post that you should read, too,

Do us all a favor and bloom into who you are meant to be!




Leslie Harris said...

Rena I was so moved by your comment and just thinking about all the changes you must be going through now in your personal life that I wanted to come by and say Hi. Also wanted to tell you that I'm wishing you the best right now as you juggle kids and all the letting go and moving forward that's happening for you. I couldn't catch a glimpse of it here, so I'm hoping it's all going smoothly. Thank you too for the mention and link, what a nice thing to do.

Irene said...

Thank you, Leslie. I trully appreciate you.

Calypso In The Country said...

What a beautiful post along with nice thoughts to start the day! Thanks for joining in this month's Take Me Away Party! It's great to have you!

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