Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Capricorn in July {Boy, have I felt the eclipsis!}

You've got major shifts happening in close partnerships this month, both business and personal. A Solar Eclipse on July 12 will land in your relationship sector, offering the potential for a fresh start in at least one major alliance. This eclipse, however, will demand that you learn how to correctly use your power by empowering the relationship rather than trying to control or manipulate the other person involved. If you can do this, then you can count on this connection to be indomitable. If you are more focused on what you can get from the other person or are trying to push an unhealthy attachment in this dynamic, well … it's not going to be pretty. Let go of control issues, Capricorn. Plain and simple. Pluto is in your sign and will oppose this eclipse point, making certain that you learn this lesson one way or another. As long as you choose to take the highest road possible and avoid doing anything underhanded in order to ensure that your personal needs are met, then you are initiating what could be a very solid and mutually empowering relationship. In terms of business, you and this person could be unstoppable! But remember, you need to check yourself. This is not the month to allow yourself to be seduced by any unsavory motivations. This is not the month to be an opportunist. That will backfire in your face. This IS the month to nurture the potential you have with someone else and lay the foundation for something that can truly stand the test of time. In other news, you'll need to be extra patient this month when it comes to your money. Mars will be retrograde in your earned income sector through August 27, making it seem as if your money is leaving to pay bills faster than you can make it. In fact, a Lunar Eclipse on July 27 in the same area of your chart might lead to you losing a source of income. Either way, your security buttons are sure to be pushed, making you extra anxious about financial matters. Do what you can to keep it in perspective and know that this too shall pass. Mercury will turn retrograde in your 8th House of Joint Finances and Investments on July 26. This might actually be a good time to take a look at where you have money socked away. If you need to take a chunk of cash out of an investment in order to get through a financial rough patch, the good news is you'll have the money to do so. Again, it's all temporary. And in the end, it's only money.

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Wearing my pearls with pride

Pearls... Do I love pearls!
My mother tought me this. She was super stylish in a very simple yet striking way. She would wear the simplest of outfits, a white shirt, a navy skirt, high Charles Jourdan heels and Chanel handbag, and accessorize with one of her classic real freshwater or stunning faux strings of classy rows of pearls, and lovely earrings, sometimes a pearl ring, and be the talk of the tea, as it were. 

Nothing spells "class" and "elegance" like pearls. 
So many colors and sizes to choose from, so many price tags, too,
in which case, a good offer is always a good thing. I love  this one from Zales: 


And these!!!

Or a lariat, so NOW! 

Which is your favorite pearl item? 
A choker?
Peard studds?
A ring?


Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Weekly Capricorn Horoscope (July 9 - 15, 2018)

Capricorn Horoscopes

WEEK OF July 9 - 15, 2018

Step away from those spreadsheets and let yourself enjoy a less-well-known passion of yours, Capricorn: pushing the erotic envelope! While your “horny sea goat” side might be a mystery to most of your friends and acquaintances, those who’ve had the rare privilege of encountering it can attest to its power—but of course they may have been sworn to secrecy, so THAT might never happen. Something surprising could go down this Monday, July 9 when vixen Venus vectors into Virgo and your “let it all hang out” ninth house. Between now and August 6—and perhaps well beyond—you may be inspired to broaden your amorous palette. The ninth house rules travel, adventure, cross-cultural connections…we’ll let YOU do the math. Put together with the ardent love planet touring here, it could make for the perfect storm of steamy, multicultural, ooh-la-la-style romancing! Just be clear about your desires and intentions. Leading someone on would be bad karma. In a LTR? This Venus cycle invites you to step out and explore the wider world as a duo. Plan an epic trip together, someplace neither of you has been or a (literally) wild ecotourism escapade. If you can’t go far, even a weekend in a chic boutique hotel will do wonders for your mood AND your love life. Later in the week, Venus gets a boost from two earth trines—first from transformative Uranus in your passion corner on Wednesday and then grounding Saturn in your sign on Saturday. Have your fun—but don’t miss a deadline!
On Tuesday, you can get other key relationships back on track—if they went off the rails—or resume a brilliant collaborative project that stalled sometime since last March 8. That day, expansive Jupiter slipped into its annual four-month retrograde, this year gumming up the works in Scorpio and your eleventh house of social networking and technology. Perhaps you had some machine meltdowns or software screw-ups: Blame Jupiter! If there’s been trouble on Team Capricorn, you can look forward to the tension and confusion evaporating with Jupiter’s about-face, which should keep everyone on the same page until November 8. These next four months are ideal for forging new friendships or checking out organizations that you’ve bookmarked. (Brownie points if they have an activist or do-gooder mission.) If you’re still seeking your true tribe, don’t wait for “them” to find you. Get out there and explore groups and Meetups that revolve around some of your interests. Bonus: You could connect with someone with BFF or S.O. potential!
Relationships steal the spotlight on Thursday, when the year’s only new moon in Cancer—also a galvanizing solar eclipse—lands across from potent Pluto in your sign, powering up your seventh house of relationships. Who you spend most of your time with becomes a priority item, and under these stabilizing moonbeams, you might suddenly “need” more of a sense of commitment from your closest ties, whether a business partner or your amour du jour (or longtime love). Your future-focused sign prefers guarantees, but in the absence of that, you could “live with” someone’s strong intentions. For some Goats, there may be a proposal within a few weeks—but the effects of this lunation may take up to six months to unfold. Patience! This is the first in a two-year series of Cancer-Capricorn eclipses that might just make some of the decisions FOR you. Eclipses open brief but huge windows of opportunity, so if you’re leaning at least 60 percent toward a yes, a bold leap could be the most beneficial move you make.

What will happen next?

Image credit: Paolo Morello, Paestum

Surrender to the way things want to happen next, even though this often involves a vast and terrifying loss of control. Trust the magic that was born into your soul.
Mertha Beck,

Monday, 9 July 2018

Monday Visaulisation-Weaving my life

Weaving my Life again

Choosing my new cup

Sharing a new dream

Swimming all I can

The Power. The Positive. The ME.


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