Thursday, 28 June 2007

Shop deco-Part II

This is a double bed with a mosquitonet, seen from the back, our breakfast table/console, beautiful oval "Hydra" table (this keeps reminding me of a Zulu shield!) and foot rest/stool on castors.

This is another little corner of the shop. Mixing orange with turquoise instead of olive as I had done for winter makes it so much more fresh.

This 7-drawer chest is among my all-time favorites. So practical and harmonious.

And for those of you wondering... Here is a view of our office at the back (where I get most of my blogging done, too!). Right in front is the sitting area for customers, writing/projects area for our children. A lovely, sturdy chestnut table and benches. I'd love to have a dining room fitted with these!


Emelia said...

I love all the pictures Irene! I'm so glad you made this blog so I can see your world a little more.

annie said...

It was me Irene, I didn't realize Emelia was logged in blogger.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

What a neat looking place....And pretty furbiture!

Thanks so much for your Birthday Wishes...They are much apprecuated!

Ingrid said...

What a happy place! I love it!

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