Friday, 6 July 2007

Moroccan inspirations

The July issue of Elle Decoration, UK edition, has some interesting photos documenting a take on Moroccan interiors. I have always liked Cote Sud's photos of real Moroccan homes, but apart from liking them, I wouldn't say that that style of decoration is my cup of tea.
That is why I liked some ideas from these pages. A touch of ethnic, which many people are looking for, especially in a holiday home, but not overwhelming or too colorful.
Look at the texture in this picture. The velvety modern sofa, the ethnic inspired shade and the tiles (I l-o-v-e tiles, ceramics, anything, you name it).
We have in the shop a metal lamp which has a similar effect. I like the white/cream color of these, too, or slightly more. It is lighter than silver. The effect on the walls is the same, crochet-like. Love it.
I stock this Designers Guild curtain fabric. My favorite is yellow. (Will post). And I plan of creating a similar effect with our chest of drawers. As soon as I sell the dark one, I'll get one in cream. With some bean bags in textured fabrics, it will create a beautiful corner.

As I said, I do not like ethnic to be too-ethnic. But I could talk myself into this absinthe room of her own.

So unexpectedly and totally feminine.

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