Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Today's Finds

The little material things that make me call a place home.
This sign from Lytton and Lily is the perfect introduction to our family bathroom.

This mirror beggs to be used. I like the unusual shape and the painted cream roses.

The perfect earth red for the family bathroom, from Cox and Cox.

This shelf will be great above a console or chest of drawers in the dining room.

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Susan Branch in Country Living

The current issue of Country Living USA features one of my favorite artists: Susan Branch.

I love her handwritten books and calendars, and I always look forward to putting up the new one at Christmas time.
In the article she is writing about getting ready for the Autumn...

...and preparing an autumn feast.

A link to her web page can be found in Sisters in Style on my sidebar.
I am glad that this popular artist and lovely personality got national coverage.

Dream rooms

This is the color we are having for our kitchen cupboards. I love duck egg. I was wearing a duck egg cashmere blouse when I first met DH's parents. Oh and a grey plisse skirt.
I cannot decide yet between granite tops (hardwearing) and wooden ones (warmer to the eye). Ikea has some interesting ones, but I am sceptical about the possibility of them being treated with chemicals.
And this is a great living room. That is the kind of effect I am going for in our living room. Althought here won't be any beams and the feeling is more modern.
Now if Paola Navone could work a bit on it, as in this farmhouse from Cote Sud!

New Color Palette

This is the new color palette for our new home. Linen, Bleached Blue and Stone come from Cath Kidston. The rest from the Paint Library.

Bleached stone will be great with the Cath Kidston wallpaper I bought for them

and this lovely timeless fabric by Vanessa Arbuthnott.

Bleached blue will be great for the kitchen above the cupboards.

Linen will be lovely in either my office or in J's bedroom.

Friday, 14 September 2007

New rugs at the shop

This week we have been receiving our new rugs at the shop.

These are 180X60cm for right next to the bed.
They are made of jute and their colors are cheerful and alive as it happens with all of our natural fabrics and dyes.

The girls loved this one.
I love them simply piled like that. They give me a feeling of abundance and optimism.

It is here!

I had seen it before framed as a poster and I have been looking for it. I already have this beautiful ER Jubilee tea towell from Emma Bridgewater, and I thought they would make a great pair. I finally found it at Lily and Agathe's a cute, nostalgic shop set in the South of France.

It came beautifully wrapped, accompanied by a Mr Stitch- the tailor card.
Welcome home, dear!

Monday, 10 September 2007

Our shop-Yellow chest of drawers

I am looking into yellows today. Take a look at this beautiful greenish yellow chest of drawers from our shop! I simply love it!

Thursday, 6 September 2007

So chic!

I have found two wonderful blogs tonight, which I am adding to my favorite "sisters in style". The first photo is from Chez Fifi.
It's a Christmas chandellier. So feminine, but not frilly. Sweet and Magic.
And this is a lovely armchair covered in a Cath Kidston fabric.

It's the Cut Flowers cotton duck fabric.
And look at this mirror and the room it reflects. Boudoir, but oh so chic!
Another wonderful place is The Paris Apartment .
Look at his photo of a gentleman with a giant Petit Beurre!
When I was teaching in an Adult Education College in the UK, I used to stop by a newsagent's on my way from the train station and buy a packet of Petit Beurre. It would last me a couple of weeks. What a luxury they felt! I would walk up the stone pavements, often slippery from the rain, and would open the packet when I reached the College. Coupled with a hot tea and the smell of the books and ink they were the stuff memories are made of.

Thank you Claudia for reminding me.

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Soothing Decorating Tips from BHG

Some interesting tips from BHG today. Nothing new,or exciting, really, but worth remembering.And in time to put us in the mood of homecoming.

Go with White
If white or light-toned neutrals (such as cream, off-white, or taupe) appeal to your calming instincts, use plenty of texture: Flat white walls and smooth white furnishings can readily blend into boredom. And add shades of warmth: Use gold, pale tans, or faded yellows to keep white from looking too sterile.

Create a Cluster of Color
Bright hues attract the eye and focus the mind. Maximize the comforting effect of favorite colored accessories by clustering them together to create a focal point. That way every time you pass by, you'll take in the collective joy of the items. Be sure to choose a place you notice every day, such as a fireplace mantel.

Maximize the Appeal of a Fireplace
Make the most of the relaxing appeal of the entire hearth area. Extend the decorating scheme to the walls around and the floor below a fireplace to create a vignette. Include a decorative screen, a cluster of birch branches, or a silk flower arrangement for the firebox when the fireplace is not in use, or the dark, empty spot will detract from the relaxing effect of your arrangement.

Warm an Area with Candles
The soft glow of candles adds a sense of ease to any space; they're conducive to both quiet thoughts and lively conversation, so use them generously throughout your house. Be it tapers, pillars, or votives, keep a substantial supply on hand. Also collect several favorite candleholders so you'll have fresh candles and clean holders on hand when you want them.

Work with Light
Most every day, the sun casts an evolving, flowing pattern of light through the rooms of your house. Take advantage of nature's gift by throwing back the blinds and enjoying the sunlight that rushes in. At night a room will have a more peaceful feeling with fixtures and bulbs that cast a gentle, friendly light.

Add the Sounds that Soothe
The hands-down winner of calming sounds is running water. Mind that the sound must be the kinetic sound of flowing water. Fountains are the perfect mimic of this sound. Whether it's outdoors or in, add a fountain to your life, and when you need a few moments of peace, sit close, close your eyes, and let your mind float away for a few precious moments

Scent the Air
One of the quickest routes to relaxation is introducing a pleasant fragrance. It's a biological fact: The receptors in your nose have a direct route to the portion of the brain affecting a sense of well-being. In addition, scented candles and attractive perfume bottles cue the eye to expect an engaging sensory experience.

Bring Out the Family Photos
One way to create a relaxing space is to take your mind to the pleasant places you've been, such as trips to the beach or a beautiful family wedding. Keep images of loved ones in your daily line of sight. Another key move is storing photos in a way that draws you to them: Albums, organized boxes, or even just piled high in an attractive container.

Use Flowers and Other Natural Touches
A bunch of flowers, a sprig of branches, or a tiny indoor topiary garden -- all bring a breath of fresh air into a room. Flowers and plants are, however, in need of regular attention, so choose wisely. Nothing is more sad than wilted flowers and neglected plants. If your hectic schedule doesn't allow for regular attention to such details, choose dried flowers or hearty plants, and indulge in fresh flowers on special occasions.

Create a View to the Outdoors
Taking in the changing patterns of days and seasons helps keep one centered. The easiest way to do that is to frame nature's evolving portrait with smart window treatments. First, consider the view. If it's great all the time, play it up. If there are some less-than-pleasant features, downplay those but still let in light and the good features of the view.

Best buys