Thursday, 6 September 2007

So chic!

I have found two wonderful blogs tonight, which I am adding to my favorite "sisters in style". The first photo is from Chez Fifi.
It's a Christmas chandellier. So feminine, but not frilly. Sweet and Magic.
And this is a lovely armchair covered in a Cath Kidston fabric.

It's the Cut Flowers cotton duck fabric.
And look at this mirror and the room it reflects. Boudoir, but oh so chic!
Another wonderful place is The Paris Apartment .
Look at his photo of a gentleman with a giant Petit Beurre!
When I was teaching in an Adult Education College in the UK, I used to stop by a newsagent's on my way from the train station and buy a packet of Petit Beurre. It would last me a couple of weeks. What a luxury they felt! I would walk up the stone pavements, often slippery from the rain, and would open the packet when I reached the College. Coupled with a hot tea and the smell of the books and ink they were the stuff memories are made of.

Thank you Claudia for reminding me.

1 comment:

The Paris Apartment said...

oh that's so cute, i love vintage ads! thanks for mentioning me!

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