Monday, 22 October 2007

New deco for the shop

Last week we made a major redecorating in the shop. I was thinking of decorating for Christmas, but it's a long time shopwise. And here are the results. We haven't been receiving any new bedlinen for winter, so we grouped together the existing ones by color. Here is the pink/fuchsia lot.
And the orange one. There are a couple of new throws in there. I hadn't thought of grouping orange with yellow before. I like the result.Here is our new sofa. It is a company staple, but I like the new take. Less folk and more sophisticated.
And the second new sofa. I wasn't a big fan oF grey in deco, but I changed my mind the moment I gave this linen/cotton fabric a try.
This is our classic solid beech bed. Changed the curtains, made it less flowery. You can't see the beige throw details on this pics, I'll have to take a close up, but it is a lovely woven woolen with scattered fuchsia embroidered flowers. One of my favorite pieces ever.
This is bed nr.2. That's the kind of bed most of our customers go for. I had this wall painted red, and although I'm beginning tiring of the strong color, I thought I'd leave it as it is till spring. Then moved the bed with the charcoal covers against it. The duvet cover found its place. But what i love most is the two aluminium birds just behind the headboard. They actually stand on the floor and their colors fit nicely the new scheme.
This is the master bedroom at our front window. It's very comfortable and inviting. I love the new quilted bedspread (I'll have to add a close up of this ,too). And the woolen throw is just perfect!

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