Thursday, 6 December 2007

House And Garden Giveaway

Tadam! There is always a reason to celebrate in this life. Christmas is coming, a most welcome time for decorating specials. I thought I'd celebrate, too. With a giveaway.

In honor of the publication of House and Garden in Greek, one lucky lady will receive the very first issue, bound to become a collector's item. Two runner ups will receive the winter issues of other Greek Deco publications.

Although it may be "all Greek" to you, the universal language of pictures will offer a beautiful feast. Besides, I'll be glad to help anytime with specific info.

So, what is the catch?

Please leave a comment letting me know what you would like to see in an overseas deco blog. What is Greek to you? It's that simple.

The winner will be notified on December 6th. Have fun.

Update 30/11/2007:
Because I am told that some kind readers cannot post a comment for some weird reason, please e-mail me (that's on the About Me page) and I shall post your names here.
Here is my list so far:
ellen b.-The Happy Wonderer
Claudia-The Paris Apartment
Corine-Hidden in France
Carrie-Oak Rise Cottage
Annie-My Life as Annie

Update 6/12/2007
Almost there! Today it's our little one's 6th birthday. He shall do the honors and draw the names out of the hat! I'll publish the names tomorrow.


ellen b. said...

How cool is that. There is a lot that is Greek to me. Modern Art is Greek to me. Actually I'm intrigued with Greek and I wish languages came more easily to me, but that is not the case. My daughter has a great ability to learn languages. She took 3 semesters of Biblical Greek in college and earned A's. She also took Hebrew. Well now that I've written a novel in the comments I'm off and running...

The Paris Apartment said...

Oh Greek H&G sounds wonderful! I'd love to see terraces, outdoor living, views, history, simplicity and what the cradle of civilization is up to today!

IRENE said...

Well, i've never been in Greece, so I'd love to see photographs ofpersonal homes, of interiors of stores, of restaurants. Il like tosee what people are wearing in the streets. Whta's a butcher shoplike, a bakery? I want to see the beach, the architecture, the sun.I want to see the modern Greece, not the one from history books.

(This from Corine of Hidden in France)

Carrie said...

I would love to see the use of color in the brilliant light that characterizes Greece. When visiting I was struck by the blue and white contrasts on the isle of Mykonos.
Carrie @ Oak Rise Cottage

annie said...

Very neat Irene!
I love the architecture and scenery of Greece.

Maddy said...

Hey Irene, I can comment yeahh. Love you webhome and last years tree looks beautiful.

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