Thursday, 29 November 2007

Our Home

I have never talked about our new house. Today I thought I would because to be honest this is the biggest designing project I have ever undertaken. I have decorated rooms, especially children's bedrooms, I have done boutique hotels and I have done lots of curtains and cushions. But this project is so important to me, because with God's blessing this will house our family.
We have been renting flats since we first arrived here, ten years ago, but what I really longed for was a proper home.
Both C and I have been brought up in detached houses with gardens and some comfort, and I am particularly fond of Nature. I love the feeling of an al fresco lunch and although in Greece there are plenty of open air restaurants and taverns one can go to, it is quite different from dining or having a party in your own garden.
The partying was one of the strongest incentives for me to go ahead and opt to buy a house. Our children are nearing 13, 11 and 6 and they never had a proper birthday party. At first I was too busy to get us established here and then I had neglected our own home really and it doesn't live up to the image our work has built over the years.
So it will be wonderful for the children to be able to host a party in our backyard.
The house in itself isn't huge. As you can see there are three different entrances, therefore three different maisonettes in our block, but I believe it has potential. Besides, house prices as well as rents are maddeningly high, especially in University cities as is ours, plus neither I or C has the time to supervise ourselves, as the alternative would be.
I am quite pleased with the location and the arrangement we have made.
The building has been going on for two years now, with lots of set backs from builders and contractors as it is usual in this self-paced part of the world which can be very frustrating at times. (Other times you just learn to go with the flow).
However, we are now entering the more pleasant phase, thinking specific colors for the walls, and ordering them ("green" pigments is one of my priorities).
I shall keep a diary of our progress here, for anyone who wants to know more about how things are done over here and what we shall make of this quite modern-styled building.

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Maddy said...

Irene I am so excited for you, we built in 2000 and it was so much fun to decorate "our" home and make it special. It looks very beautiful.

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