Thursday, 20 December 2007

Our Shop at Christmas

Our shop has been wearing its festive clothing in the past few weeks. I have used some red and white bed linen on this deep gray mattress bed. The foam Christmas trees are a favorite part of the decor. They look festive and the white tips look like real snow. I have used some stickers for the windows. I have always liked spelling wishes in many languages. This one reads Best Wishes in French. I also like the handwritten kind of lettering. I have used the fairies from last year's deco theme with the children's bedroom. It looks charming and appropriate.

Same tree as in previous picture, only this time it is framed in white. I like the change from the classic red to the more spicy and modern orange. See our Christmas tree? I never tire of it. This year, instead of the fairies I have used the red and white striped ornaments from 5 years ago!

This is the bed on our main window. I have dressed it in brown and orange. Our organic cotton bed spread with its taupe, brown, orange and burgundy stripes, is an invitation to cocooning!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas season.

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