Thursday, 24 January 2008

Fresh and happy home

This is home to the family of interior homeware company Rice, as published in the February issue of Living etc. I am eyeing this kind of lit du jour for my office. Ikea has one for 99 Euros and I can put one of our super comfy mattresses. People are usually shy with color and pattern when it comes to small places. I am all for color and pattern in small places, as long as they are tastefully combined. This guest room proves it.

Here is the family in their Danish home.

The kitchen units are from Ikea as is the tap. I have been looking for "shower" taps. They invariably cost about 500 Euros and upwards. This one from Ikea costs c.270Euros, which is half the price. It does look quite high going, though! I think I may opt for an olde English tap instead.

Not my cup of tea. Those people are not shy when it comes to using heirlooms. If you love it, I suppose...

This is the playroom and office. Difficult mix. It is a home office, of course, in which case it is better to have the kids playing around and checking on them.

Love the lampshades. They look like Rice plant workers to me!

And here is a photo of one of Rice's treasures. White with splashes of color. Beautiful bedspread!

(Photo from The Style Files)


The Paris Apartment said...

The colors are so vibrant they make me happy too! I love Ikea for certain things, they're like 'The Gap' for furniture, and we fill in the the details!

melissa @ the inspired room said...

Fun photos! I love color. I love so many styles and colors and neutrals, I can never decide for myself!

Thanks for the fun photos!

Happy day!

corine @ hidden in france said...

I'm a huge fan of rice products, everything they do is fresh and lovely, and socially responsible. This is a company to learn from. Thank you for sharing these photographs.

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