Thursday, 28 February 2008

Lime and yellow sorbet

The light gets brighter, the air is lighter and so it seems is our mood. We shall be updating the shop in March and will be getting ready for Easter time.
There will be some bright cushions in colorful cottons.

And some beanbags filled with natural rubber.

We shall also have the cutest little sofa in duckling yellow.

We are already adding some muted greens at home.

We are also adding some fresher touches to clients' homes,

even hotels, as with this beechwood console table painted yellow with water based emulsion.

Yellows and lime are so full of life. Do you dare use them at home?


M&Co said...

Gorgeous coloring!! So fresh! Not sure if I dare using them in my home tough! Quite bold!!
I've tried to contact you about The Easter Bunny's Chick Easter Swap, but the mail I sent bounced back... I need your adress so I can assign a swap partner for you :-) My mail is

Anonymous said...

bonjour !
Je ne parle pas un mot d' anglais ...quel regret .....
MAis mes yeux peuvent toujours admirer les merveilles de votre blog!!

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