Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Paris, dear...

What a beautiful trip I made this morning!
It all started when I stopped by Alicia at Posie Gets Cozy who has just made a most dreamy, flowy tunic/ dress!
I admire this lady so much! I do with all the creative ladies that I call my Sisters in Style. All, creative beings with some original voices that are particularly dear to me. Let me also say that Alicia also runs a shop and that it was a delight shopping from her at Christmas.

Following a link, I happened upon Omondieu! that had me hooked immediately! Not in a pretty sort of way, but with beautiful writing that reminded me of me some twenty years ago.
While there, I had a look at the hotel LeWalt, showcasing the work of local Parisian artists in an interesting way.

I then stopped by the Shakespeare&Co Bookshop where I found a link to pictures from a film that I love, called Before Sunset.

Very romantic, very Parisian. There is two of them; Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. I liked the first in the series most, but they are both singing the beauties of Paris, so worth seeing if you are a francophile.
It was just a fine little tour!

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