Friday, 8 February 2008

A Royal Household

Prince Paul and Princess Marie-Chantal (nee Miller) live in London with their four, and soon to be five children. As with their R.H. King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie of Greece, they keep a low profile, although Marie-Chantal is an international style icon.

The Princes live in London and this is their new home. Over the den mantel, a picture of Marie-Chantal painted by Andy Warhol.
The kitchen is spacious, yet warm and inviting. Yellows and creams, copper and black anchor the room in a very stylish manner.

Their home, far from being grandiose, is a tribute to timeless good taste.One would imagine that a young upper class couple lived here, if it weren't for the family memorabilia that are districtly displayed.
As Marie-Chantal says, the children know that their grandfather was King,and that their aunts reign in different European countries, but they do not talk much about it. In true royal style!
(All photos Life and Style magazine)


Monica said...

Oh, to be an international style icon-how grand! You have a lovely blog:)

Anonymous said...

I have met Marie-Chantal many times at parties in New York over the years and my Father knows her father (Robert Miller) from Hong Kong, so she was nice to me....BUT she was "aloof" towards everyone else who "was not of her kind."

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