Thursday, 10 April 2008

We're on House and Garden!

The April issue of the Greek edition of House and Garden hosts an article on the owner of the company we represent (one of two brothers). The title reads "A wonderful man".

The article underlines the company's as well as the owners' personal commitment to ecology and the principles of sustainable development. There are shots of Paul and his sons. They are all a very sporty family.

One of his sons has played football with Ajax and Real Madrid, and he will be playing for Barcelona, where the family will relocate next season.
His Dutch wife is amazing. Brainstorming with her is such a pleasure! She and their daughter was not photographed for the article. But you have to take my word for it, she is a very nice person (great taste, too). My eldest daughter who has befriended their daughter says she is amazing. As for their baby, Mirjam and I were pregnant roughly at the same time, so little Tom and J are the same age.
This is a shot of their family house. Looks very much like one of our shops, really.
In our shops we offer our clients freshly squeezed orange juice, sesame snacks (pasteli) and dried figs. Whereas our customers receive with their purchase a bottle of organic olive oil and a jar of unrefined sea salt.
We really enjoy working for an ethical company and its visionary owners.

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