Friday, 30 May 2008

Artists-Walter Sallman

When I was a child, pictures like these were part of my everyday life. They'd be in children's bedrooms. They'd hang at doctor's waiting rooms. The priest would offer us one after Sunday school. They'd sweeten the medicine when we were sick, and would rest our fears at night.
With time, they looked so out of fashion that they fell out of favor, and were ignored and dispised or replaced by more sophisticated versions, or dropped altogether in favor of a cartoon character.
Some time ago I felt so nostalgic for them, I began looking for them at second hand bookshops and over the net. I finally sourced them and found out some more about the painter.
You may read about Walter Sallman here , view and purchase copies of his work here. A word of advice if I may: Do not let anyone or anything intimidate you. Just let yourself be drawn closer to beauty, goodness and innocence of a child protected by Jesus' arms.

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