Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Books and Bookshelves

Whenever I visit prospective clients' houses, I find that bookcases are usually among the ugliest of places. Planks and stuff, one next to the other, with bits and bobs thrown in. Unlike dressers, for example, where you usually find a woman's microcosm taken care of in the most strictest way.
Especially children's bookcases are a nightmare of junk.
So, I thought I'd do a little research and find some interesting ways to organize books and other related paraphernalia.
I hope you'll enjoy this.

Above: Plain shelves. Items grouped together, e.g. boardgames (with all those little pieces that go astray if opened unattended). Large bins to store toys that are safe and intended for easy reach. Useful also for "sort later" stuff. Notice the matching cheery Hedda curtain from Ikea.

This is a book case with girly play in mind. Feminine, without being over the top. A lovely reading, stitching corner. Check Ikea's Lack bookcase in red.

Dare to use color, unless you use natural, untreated wood. The usual woodsy tones look like fake and are quite boring in a child's room (or any personal space). Look how this beautiful blue/turquoise frames beautifully the grouping of books and toys. Any old bookcase can become interesting again with several coats of vibrant paint.

After the unexpected colors, let us turn to unexpected materials. On a Cath wallpaper, of course!

On the other hand, one may opt for the no color approach. As in these bookcases, where books have been turned around so that the spine does not show. Alternatively, they can be dressed in a white or brown craft paper for a minimalist or Scandinavian look.

And if you don't care that much about content, you can arrange books by colorway!

What little tricks do you use to keep your bookcases interesting and organised?

(Picture credits: Living, Posy, Anna-Maria Horner, Agnes, Yvestown)

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