Tuesday, 20 May 2008

New Old Mag

There is definitively a wave of nostalgia sweeping the western world!
Tomorrow sees the publication of a magazine title, called "Woman".
First published in 1950, it soon became the bible of the fashionable yet home conscious woman.
My mum read it all her life. I subscribed for ages and when I graduated from College, I was offered an internship. At the time I was quite snobbish when it came to fashion. I was afraid I might be considered not-so-serious by my peers. Little did I know. A few years later, fashion became ubber-fashionable again.
Here you can see gracing its covers Brigite Bardot and Grace Kelly, as well as Greek model Efi Mela (wife of fashion designer Yannis Tseklenis) and Dimitra Liani, the late PM's Andrea Papandreou's last wife.

I have already made a reservation in our local newsagents, and I shall keep you posted!

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corine said...

Those are fabulous!

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