Thursday, 5 June 2008

Debi Treloar

Debi Treloar is such a magnificent photographer. She is proof that beauty depends on who is looking behind the lens. Her use of natural light is such a blessing to the eye!

So many times have I asked my daughter or my husband who happens to have a camera with them "there, shoot this!" and they either can't see what I see or see it in a completely different angle.

I love the way she puts forward the beautiful without totally isolating the subject. You can still see what this photo is about, yet you are aware of the surroundings.
The photo below is fromThe Gentle Art of Domesticity: Stitching, Baking, Nature, Art & the Comforts of Home by Jane Brocket.

A contemporary woman's sanity saver, I must say.
And these ones below are among the first pictures of Ms. Treloar that I admired. She has illustrated with her artful photography essential books of my decorating bookshelves such as Family Living: Creating the Perfect Family Home and Children's Spaces: From Zero to Ten.

I have returned to those books for the final touches of inspiration as we move into the house, probably by the end of the month, and I so much wanted to say,
Thank you, Ma'am!

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Jessica N. Condatore said...

oooh, lovely. especially love the maze one!

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