Thursday, 5 June 2008


Isn't it great when two iconic companies work together to bring more beauty and pleasure to the every day? This is the case of the joint venture between Tricia Guild and Laduree.
Ladurée has long admired Tricia Guild’s work, with its signature motifs and
exceptional colours which combine so cleverly to form sublime collections
of fabrics, wallpapers and an art de vivre.
When Tricia Guild decided to shop at Ladurée for her forthcoming
catalogue it was an auspicious start to an alliance of the two houses, which
has quite naturally come to fruition in the form of a creative adventure.
This new summer collection, under the label Designers Guild for Ladurée,
is an ornamental journey into the worlds of both the creator and Ladurée,
with colour as the guiding element.
Tricia Guild’s creative touch brings a peaceful revolution to the world of
Ladurée, whose gourmandise blends with the magic of colours and motifs.
This dialogue between two complementary worlds on the theme of
strikingly coloured flowers and wreaths against pastel backgrounds gives
these summer macaroons a smart, refined look.
Collection available at Ladurée from 13 May 2008

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corine @ Hidden In France said...

I have the same two loves!

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