Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Fabulous Quilt Giveaway!

I have come across the most fantastic offer I have seen on the web and perhaps the only one that is open to international participants. Don't you just love it when people are being generous?

As I read in this post by Sandi, Old Red Barn Co, that sadly I have never heard of before, is hosting a giveaway for a beautiful, amazing, just wonderful beyond words, happy little quilt, made by Sandi Henderson's for Michael Miller juicy fabrics.

Click here to read more about the giveaway, or have a look at my sidebar.
Best of luck and keep your fingers crossed that I may win (I'll do that for you, if you do it for me!)
One more thing: Dana , I do not know you, but you rock!

1 comment:

corine said...

of course I had to rush over there immediately, and did you see: 420 comments and counting!

I adore your new banner, congratulations to the artist.

Best buys