Thursday, 24 July 2008

Greek Chic and Vintage

In previous posts, about the Mamma Mia! movie, I promised some shabby chic, the Greek way. Here is an appetiser for you. Shots of interiors (truly, originally shabby!) from the island of Folegandros in the Aegean Sea.

Talking about real shabby, I have often wondered at the amazement all sorts of vintage finds provoke. Does anyone think where they come from? What sort of life they have lived? Do people appreciate shabby when they find it in its original surroundings? Apartment Therapy has definitively created a trend there.

So, I have created a Flickr group where you can find and post your own pictures of original vintage and shabby settings and potential treasures to fuel your imagination. Do click on my sidebar and head for my True Vintage collection of throw away chic!

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My Notting Hill said...

Love these pics - especially the blue tablecloth.

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