Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mamma Mia! Thanks for posting this!

I meant to post a shabby chic inspired interiors post, as shown in the Mamma Mia! movie. But I did not with the outlaws and all the pressure and instability at home.

But, fortunately, there are people around who can do that for me in the meantime. My Notting Hill has posted here some interesting pictures from some Greek hotels that she approximates to the film's decor. She is posting among them pictures of the Vedema in Santorini. I did their first advertisement some fifteen years ago. Go think!
And she also posts a picture of the Sonoma pillow I had posted here as well as other Grecian inspired accessories.
Do check out the Notting Hill post. I promise to do something here next week!


Alex said...

You should find some of those embroidered bed linens for your shop and then post it on and decor8 - people are wanting these in the states!

IRENE said...

Thank you lots!

Alex said...

Sorry - I said decor8, but its really designsponge.

media boy said...

I was coerced into seeing Mamma Mia (the play), which ended up being great... as for the movie version, sounds fun, though it's awkward to think of ol' Pierce trying to sing, yeeesh

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