Friday, 29 August 2008

Edward Van Vliet

The Dutch are at the forefront of design, home design included. Modern, livable and whimsical.
My most recent find is the very eligible Edward Van Vliet. In his SEVV studio work, traditional design is mixed with high tech and natural materials, together with elements from different cultures, resulting in an eclectic way of design without an overflow of decorations. Van Vliet is interested in the identity and desired image of others. The products of SEVV create an atmosphere of luxury, exclusivity, well-being and personality to express this desired image.
A name to look out for.You may view some more of SEVV's work here.


Margaret Cloud said...
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Margaret Cloud said...

I am sorry I wanted to comment on your Turtle poster it makes you happy and the colors gives off this meaning, all your photos are nice.

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