Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Greek Architects

In a previous post I wrote about a holiday home on the island of Tinos, designed by Zeppos-Georgiadis and Associates. They are among the best in Greece right now. I especially like the work they did at the Moraitis nursery in Athens.

Tasos Zeppos was born in Zacynthos, in 1951. He has graduated from the Architectural School of the University of Torino in 1980, and has been a member of TEE since 1982.

Eleni Georgiades was born in Athens in 1957. She studied Landscape Architecture in the Athenaeum Architectural School of Lausanne, from which she graduated in 1981.

The company specializes in the design of hotels, houses, offices, stores and -state of the art- exhibition spaces.
ZEGE's work is internationally acclaimed for its distinctive creative style, which is contemporary, innovative, qualitative and anthropocentric.
You may view more of their work here.

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Margaret Cloud said...

These photos are very nice, I like the nursery, well done. Just stopping by to say Hi.

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