Friday, 16 January 2009

A colorful appartment in Athens

I very rarely find interesting houses in Greece. But when I do, I share them with you. This is the refurbished home of a young couple of graphic designer and art director, in Athens' southern suburbs. A new generation comes forth, well travelled and with different cultural experiences, improving tastes and styles from the hideous 60s,70s and 80s. The problem is that very rarely these homes have anything Greek about them, at all.

Having said that, I love the mushroom colored fabric on this sofa and the fuchsia jacquard one on the chair next to it.

The airy yet warm kitchen is another favorite of mine.

I also love the color combination in the white chair picture.

Painted steps, hmm! I wonder how long they'd last in a family home.

And the american stylistic touch. All fabrics Designers Guild from the Obrione collection.
(House and Garden, Greek issue, December 2008)


Elizabeth said...

Lovely blog! Thanks for visiting mine. And I love the Christmas counter - the more I craft, the more I think about Christmas!

MBM said...

Poli ormorfi!! What a beautiful home!! I looove those stairs!!

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