Wednesday, 14 January 2009

It's about Freedom, stupid!

A friend and I have been drooling over pictures of homes at Cookie mag. She was all oohs and ahhhs, because she had never seen it before, nor had she seen homes like the ones featured in the magazine.
Why don't people make houses like these here, she asked?
Oh the freedom of the space that YOU create because YOU like it!

WE have just moved into a new house, and the pressure is still heavy on us, as to how the house should look like. DH does not put pictures up by fear that we may change our minds, and destroy the walls. Can you imagine that? Being afraid of using your own home's walls?

Am I totally irresponsible? Or should I give up and free my workroom that actually works as a warehouse, and put up whatever I like?

(Pictures from Cookie and Design Sponge)

1 comment:

corine said...

yes, go absolutely wild and then show us. I do understand your husband. There are too many options and sometimes doing nothing at all prevents you from committing to only one choice.

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