Tuesday, 10 February 2009

I Love Domino Style

I love Domino Style

Hello, style lovers, and welcome to the "I Love Domino Style" meme.
Our aim here is to share our Domino love and to show the people at Conde-Nast how much we appreciate our favorite magazine and that we want it back.

I am going to start Domino Love with the January 2007 issue of Domino (Greece). Domino was the first interiors magazine to use famous people on its cover, instead of the usual room shot. That particular cover featured a young Greek actress, participating in one of Greek TV's greatest successes.

Quite interestingly, Editor-in-Chief was Paulina Sarri, a fashion photographer and stylist. She is now Editor-in-Chief of the Greek edition of House and Garden.

As the decline was becoming apparent, new blood was called in. Spyro Soulis, an Architect educated in London, was the host to the one and only interiors transformation show on Greek TV, now a thing of the past, too. He was called in to offer his practical, down to earth advice. In this issue he is being introduced by the editor and advises on how to achieve "Manhattan style".

"Manhattan style" is illustrated by a real life apartment in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece.

Piero Fornasetti items are a perennial favorite of Greek interior designers and stylists in the last 20 years. Domino always chose to present interiors that were modern yet classic and fresh, always infused in beautiful light, as shown in the pictures above.

What also makes Domino special is its introduction of detailed inspiration sheets and 'how to's.

Above, where inspiration came from for a school-type kitchen.
I liked how the editors presented their choices. Even the contents page was original, picking the most special pieces that one ought to read.

Interesting books were also handpicked covering all of readers' interests.

Some of Domino's favorites from the January 2007 issue,
So Far, So Goude
A Room Full of Toys: The Magical Characters of Childhood
New Decor
Vitamin Ph: New Perspectives in Photography
Larousse Encyclopedia of Wine

Then, there was the fun stuff, like those stickers that were helpful in marking one's favorite pages from garden to presents to entertainment. They also provided a playful, girly touch. Design is a serious business, but it is also fun, Domino seemed to say.

Even restaurants were chosen and presented not only for their menu but also for their stylish and fresh interiors.

In the January 2007 issue Domino hosted a feature on the new generation of Greece's most sought after furniture and interiors shops. They were photographed with their favorite coffee tables.

Last but not least, my favorite page by one of my favorite style setters. A Rita Koenig kind of article, with personal character, that Miss D had began as a newspaper columnist some ten years ago. I loved it! In the January 2007 issue, "Holidays with a French scent".

I hope you enjoyed that first tour. I look forward to visiting your blogs and sharing the Domino style!

Also, don't forget to stop by and say hello to our button designer, Tara. I believe she did a great job capturing the Domino spirit! Stay tuned, more surprises in store!


Petunia said...

Great post! Thank you for sharing a foreign version of Domino. I shared some love at my place too!

verdier said...

very well

you can visit my two sites for the natural live


annechovie said...

I didn't know they had a Greek version of Domino! That is very cool. Keep up the great work, Irene!

MBM said...

Do you know if there is anywhere in the states to buy back issues of Greek Domino? I know they are folding. I really want to check these out before they are gone.
I used to live in Athens (Kolonaki) and then a summer in Paros and another summer in Hydra. I love decor & all things Greek!! Any direction is appreciated. :)

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