Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Plans of a garden

One of the things I brought back from Munich is seeds and bulbs. it's not that there was nothing interesting to see or buy. But I miss flowers! having spent my taste-shaping teens in the South of England, I am addicted to beautiful gardens, tiny yet manicured, big yet informal. I shall always love England for her gardens, if not for anything else.

Anyway, when I was preparing for our trip I read about a big shop selling alpine seeds, and all sorts of flower related stuff. C agreed on my visiting for seeds only. No bulbs, he stressed. There are two places you can lose sight of me: flower markets and bookshops. lines and lines of seeds in little envelopes, showcasing the beautiful flowers to expect, all sorts of kitchy little things that my kids loved and begged me to buy (no-no-no!), magazines in German-I can't read German but that wouldn't stop me, and I sneaked in one. And a couple of bulbs. I still miss that box of 110 assorted bulbs, though, so anyone traveling to Munich?

This is our back garden. It has been raining this week, and the grass has grown knee high. I am thinking of spending time in the garden before the days become burning hot. April is the month to do most of the planting. I can read that much in German and the depths and heights to allow and expect. My hands are trembling in the thought of giving a certain intimacy to our postage stamp of a back garden!

I have two sets of Cath Kidston loungers that I had bought before the house was finished (clever me; i couldn't have sneaked that stuff in, now, lol!). Two years ago, that was! C wants some more formal furniture, like a bench and armchairs. No arguing. Give me a cold glass of tea, a book I like and a lounger and you have in front of you a satisfied woman.

Some pictures of gardens from Cote Maison and Country Living.

A swing, perhaps? we don't have a porch, but it will be great on the veranda.

The girls would love a dolls house shed.

A place to draw, play board games and eat al fresco, and nooks to read and meditate. That's is what I'm looking for. What are you looking for in your garden?


Delphine said...

What do I want for my garden -- a gardner teehee! How I would long for a wee garden after years of trying to cut down acres of parkland! Your patch looks delightful and just the place to sit and dream! As long as the sun is shining!

Anonymous said...

Your yard is going to be amazing! can I come over & drink wine & play tavli, read magazines & just hang out in the sun?? Great post! It brought some beautiful sun to my rainy day!!! :)

I can't wait to see your Cath Kidston loungers!! Thavma!!

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