Friday, 8 May 2009

Watch out for the evil eye!

Do you know how bad, evil eye can be? Then you are certainly aware of the many evil eye pieces of jewellery that dangle from Greek jewellery shop windows, both upscale and the souvenir kind. If not, take a look:

Certain to infuriate the religious people around you, they often accompany a cross, to have both pagan and Christian sides happy.

This golden ring comes from the very talented Anna-Maria Mazaraki (I promise to write more about her in a future post).

Even the mighty baby style tzar, Aaron Basha succumbed to the temptation.

My current favorite, though? This ring from this Etsy seller. Creepy enough, it will certainly take the evil onlooker by surprise!


MBM said...

my evil eye brike off on the way to the hospital to deliver my son. I'm sure I was saved from some sort of dangerous situation! I am a huge believer in the Evil Eye!! I love the Aaron Basha (necklace?)Love.

I just wear a simple "Plaka" style eye on my necklace. I also have a few around my house & one in my car!! Hello superstitious! :)

Happy (early) Mother's day!! :)

Delphine said...

Not sure I see these as an 'evil' eye? Certainly good 'looking' jewellry! very well ' observed' in your post. 'I' had better sign out now , but I'll keep my eyes open!

Best buys